Terrier Volume 79, Number 1 - Fall 2015 - Page 4

Campus News (For more campus news, check the St. Francis College website at sfc.edu) Capital One Pitch Contest Kenneth D. Daly — National Grid Lecture Series N O V E M B E R 2 0 , 2 0 1 4 — Three students were awarded seed money to support their entrepreneurial ventures courtesy of Capital One at the second annual Student Entrepreneur Pitch Challenge. Top prize went to Korey Fisher ’16, a Business Management student who wants to leverage software and the Internet to reduce the high cost of health care. ●  A P R I L 2 1 — St. Francis College alumnus Ken Daly ’88, President of National Grid New York and a member of the College’s Board of Trustees, shared “Life Long Lessons in Doing the Right Thing” for the second Kenneth D. Daly — National Grid Lecture Series. He spoke to Accounting and Management students about his life and work experience, as well as about the people who influenced his life including former bosses, teachers and friends. “Always take actions and make decisions that you would be proud to have your friends, family and loved ones read about in the newspaper,” Daly told the students. “It’s not always easy to do the right thing, but behaving responsibly is not just an option, it is an absolute obligation.” ● The Good Counselor Korey Fisher ’16, Nicole Spataro ’16, and Nicole Molinella ’16. Junot Diaz — Walt Whitman Writers Series A P R I L 1 6 — The line wrapped around the block, hundreds deep, two hours before author Junot Díaz was set to become the 12th writer to speak at the Walt Whitman Writers Series. Dozens had to be turned away and 10 0 people watched the event via video feed from an adjoining room. But that wasn't good enough for the writer of The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao, which was named the best novel of the 21st century so far by BBC Culture. Díaz went into the overflow room and spent a half hour talking with the audience before the formal event began. Díaz read from his collection of short stories, Drown, and answered questions from the editor of Buzzfeed Books, Isaac Fitzgerald, as well as from members of the audience. “Junot Díaz is among the most influential novelists alive,” said St. Francis College English Professor Theo Gangi, who \[H\X܈وHYHܚ][”ܘ[H[[Yܙ[^HH][ 8 \[[HH H8% [\YH[\[YYX\\وܜ܂\[[܈H[XH\\[ۈ]\ۋ[[\[\˜]]ܜ]\]X[[[XH]X]\&\]Y\H[\[[]XHX]^HY[Z\Xܘ][ۈۈH[\X[\Y\[H[[]X[Y]\]\ZY[HXܙۈ\H[H\H[[Y[[KY\Y[H]\X[۝ܚ˂[[XH]X[YX]\ݙHوY\H[]Y܈\Y[[YZ][Y]HܛY\H][܈\^ݙ[ \XX]\[ Y]܈و^YY[\]YH\\[ۋ8 HH  8%[][X][ۈ\”ٙ\܈][ܘ[8&\]\[[^KH[[܋\\ܛYY]H\و [\YHY[[[[[KH[[܈[HܞBوHXXY[\&\][\[[HY[H܈HX[X\Yق[[\XK\H\[Y[[ݙ\HH\H[B[][]KHY[H]Y\]\YH\\]\Xۘ\[ۜ˜X]H\X]Y\و[\˂'HܛH\^H]و^Hۘ\܈H^\[\&HY]\H[H\H[HYH[[H\و]8'H^\ٙ\܈ܘ[ 8'H\˜Y\[HYH\HH]Y^H[\YHZ\HZY[[][Z]Y\\\ˈ]Y[YYH^XY\\ܛHHZ\X[\™܈\[[]]^[[HX\[[[و[\Hۈ\[HYB\]]YH[\Y\[\[\[\H[[\X[\K[YXX[\[\˸'H8 ]\[YX][ۂH\ܚ[Y[X\وHH\\وH\H[HBYX][ۈۛ܈Y]HZ[YYH[\ܝ[Xۚ][ۈHH][ۘ[ܙ[^][ۋH\\\[XY\H[\وH\Y[\[^]\܈\\[\ݙ[Y[܈[ܙX]Y\[X[Y[Y[[ܘ[[Z[ˈHۛ܈Y]H[[XY\\\Y[ZX[B[\8&LMH܈H\[Z\Y\\ٙX\]\ H\ۙHقM[\]و[ܙH[   Y[ٙX\ˈ[\YX][ۂٙ\܈]\ZXX[8&MH[XHٙ\܈X\\H[[ۙ]\ٙX\HH[HۛܙY]H\H[HH][ۘ[۝][ۈ[ؙ\8‚\H[HHY[XY\[[HY[8&LMZX[H[\ MK[X[Yۙ\8&LMXܚXHܝ[8&LM\XH[8&LMK[\[B[XH8&LM˂\X]\[و^YY[\]\H\\[ۂ]]]ܜ[[[[XH]X\[[[]\]XHH 8  STQHTQT 8 S MB[[Y[\H]Z[XH]٘˙YK\Y\