Terrier Volume 79, Number 1 - Fall 2015 - Page 26

C L A S S Y E A R G I V I N G (C O N T I N U ED) Kevin T. Donohue ’6 4 Edward J. ’6 4 and Evelyn M. Fusaiotti Edward J. Kirwin ’6 4 Raymond C. Makofske ’6 4 XV Edward J. ’6 4 and Jean Peters Hugh W. ’6 4 and Frances Rogan Robert M. ’6 4 and Helen K. Suzansky V Douglas G. ’6 4 and Patricia Thomson V CHARTER SOCIET Y Eugene B. ’65 and Margaret McCaul Thomas A. ’65 and Claire McLellan Edward T. ’65 and Laura Murphy X Philip D. Murray ’65 X Charles F. ’65 and Nohemi Noselli Michael J. ’65 and Maura O’Connor XV Frank J. ’65 and Anne Pascuzzi V John H. ’65 and Eileen Peters V Bruce A. ’65 and Concetta Pizzimenti X William ’65 and Joan Schildwachter V Francis P. ’65 and Maureen Smith Ralph ’65 and Diana Stinebrickner V Joseph J. ’65 and Frances Svirida XV John P. Walsh ’65 Leonard E. ’65 and Catherine Olen V FR ANCISCANS P R E S I D E N T ’S C O U N C I L Walter G. Eggmann ’65 XV Thomas M. ’65 and Georgia Fasano V Salvatore J. La Porta ’65 James J. ’65 and Francine Maloney V Blaise ’65 and Ruth Marchese XV Louis J. ’65 and Marie Savarese Francis E., Ph.D. ’65 and Patricia M. Wakely V 1965 D O L L A R S R A I S E D $ 73, 0 65. 0 0 C L A S S P A R T I C I P AT I O N 3 4. 0 3% Vincent A. ’65 and Marie D’Angelo V P R E S I D E N T ’S C I R C L E John A. ’65 and Denise O’Rourke P R E S I D E N T ’S C L U B Robert A. ’65 and Marianne Ficarra X REMSEN STREET CLUB Terence Noonan ’65 James J., Ph.D. ’65 and Mary L. O’Connell V William J. ’65 and Marguerite Ryan Edwin R. Westley ’65 and Janet Kelly B A LT I C S T R E E T C L U B James M. ’65 and Irene A. Barling XV William J., Esq. ’65 and Elizabeth Bielefeld V Leonard N. ’65 and Angela Florio XV George R. ’65 and Mary Mayer X Philip J. ’65 and Margaret Mercorella Anthony ’65 and Arlene Miserandino V Lawrence J. ’65 and Mary Mulcahy V RED & BLUE CLUB Kenneth R. ’65 and Joyce Allex X John J. ’65 and Mary Delach Canon Christopher G. ’65 and Barbara Duffy V Edward B. ’65 + and Elfriede M. Lein Charles C. Lo Re, Jr. ’65 V Edward F., III ’65 and Monica McCabe X Dominick P. ’65 and Amy Quartuccio Sherwood A. Salvan, Esq. ’65 V John F. Witkowski ’65 and Minerva Moises-Witkowski V ASSISI SOCIET Y Charles A. Bennett, Ph.D. ’65 William M. ’65 and Patricia Black Richard, Ph.D. ’65 and Monica Bonnabeau James R. ’65 and Linda Borut V Robert J. Bousquet ’65 Thomas J. ’65 and Eileen Callaghan XV Colonel F. Nicholas ’65 and Joann Carlucci John, Jr. ’65 and Bari Cavallo Peter F., Ph.D. ’65 and Barbara A. Clark Thomas F. ’65 and Sandra Clougher XV Walter J. ’65 and Linda L. Conklin Thomas J. ’65 and Valerie Foley X Gerard K. ’65 and Joy O. Hannon V Robert K. ’65 and Joan Johnson X Edward T. ’65 and Bonnie Joyce V Joseph A. Lavezzo ’65 V Richard R. ’65 and Linda J. Lynch John P. ’65 and Margaret McCadden V Legend:  BT = Board of Trustees | 24  1966 George T. ’66 and Linda K. Steinmann V FR ANCISCANS Anthony C. Alaimo ’66 XV Joseph ’66 and Florence A. Alestra Sr. Barbara Buckbee, CSJ ’66 V John J. ’66 and Janet Comiskey Arthur M. ’66 and Mary Forster V James A., CPA ’66 and Helen J. Geib William W. ’66 and Susan T. Koscinski V Anthony J. LaBello ’66 William G. Massimo ’66 William I. ’66 and Carolyn ’93 Meehan V Sr. Mary I. O’Donnell ’66 V Walter M. Power ’66 1967 D O L L A R S R A I S E D $109, 914. 0 0 C L A S S P A R T I C I P AT I O N 25. 62% F O U N D E R ’S C I R C L E John F. Tully d܁ PaX)@HL$8PeL $H 0())d܁5?e ȁaX)@HL$8PeL 0T()<00HLH$Lİ) 0LL@HP$ $@P$<8ظ̔()Ʌ@d܁5 ɄX))@䃊d܁X()