Terrier Volume 79, Number 1 - Fall 2015 - Page 23

St. Clare Society The St. Clare Society honors those visionary alumni and friends of St. Francis College who have provided for the future of the College through bequests or planned gifts including charitable trusts, retirement plan benefits, or life insurance. The following members of the Society are recognized for their generosity and foresight: Anonymous Hector Batista ’8 4 BT Gerard J., USMC ’55 and Alice Baxter George C. ’59 and Betty Bergleitner Anthony ’54 and Kathleen Bertuglia Madelyn O. Biggs Ellen D. Bishop + Rev. Monsignor John J. Bracken BT James A. Gibson, Ph.D. ’63 + and Patricia Brozinsky, Ph.D. Joseph J. ’6 4 and Estrella + Buonomo Daniel M. ’40 + and Adele V. + Burns Rev. Michael A. Carrano ’66 Bro. Gregory L. Cellini, OSF Virginia E. Cooke + James E. Corrigan, Ph.D. ’60 James G. ’76 and Lorraine Courage Timothy J. ’61 and Carol Courtney John J. Dietl ’58 Albert G. Doumar ’57 John M. Downing ’59 Brendan J. ’68 BT and Barbara A. Dugan Joseph J. ’61 + and Mary Joan Egan, Ph.D. Patrick J. ’71 and Diana M. Fallon Jack L. ’73 and Beverly Fellin Bernard ’51 + and Virginia + Femminella Robert A. ’65 and Marianne Ficarra Frank P. ’78 and Teresa Frattini Frederick D. ’6 4 and Catherine Furman J. Vincent Gallagher ’41 + Elizabeth A. ’94 and Harold Gatto Legend:  BT = Board of Trustees | Richard A. Giaquinto, Ph.D. Michael J. ’62 and Cynthia Gibbons Craig and Paulette B. Gonzalez Philip R. Harris, Ph.D. ’48 and Janet Belport Robert S. ’51 and Joan Hathaway David E. Haverty ’81 The Honorable Joseph J. Hennessy ’74 + Brother Edmund Holmes, OSF ’28 + Michael J. Holmes + Richard C. ’70 and Frances Jewell John J. Jordan ’59 Very Reverend Robert Kirwin ’41 + James I. Konkel, CPA ’57 Charles P. Kowalski ’72 Gerald A. Largo, Ph.D. James P. Lawler ’71 William J. ’75 and Geraldine Lovejoy Charlotte T. Lowit + Frank J., Ph.D. ’62 + and Mary T. Macchiarola Joseph ’79 and Patricia B. Malewich Pat A. ’79 and Veronica A. ’82 Mallozzi Francis P. Mandina + J. Christopher ’8 3 BT and Carol Mangan Lawrence A. ’72 BT and Karen Marsiello XV John J. ’65 and Maria G. McCabe John B. ’58 and Julie A. McCarthy Rev. James J. McConnell ’50 + James J. ’63 and Elaine McCormack Dennis J. ’74 and Catherine B. ’74 McDermott Lt. Col. Walter V. McIntyre, USAF (Ret.) ’50 + and Joan P. McIntyre + Charles L. ’6 4 and Barbara Measter Peter J. Michel ’63 James H. Murphy, Jr. ’71 and Gretchen Menn Johanna M. O’Boyle + William C. O’Connell ’87 Rev. William D. O’Rourke, Ph.D. ’51 + Victor L. Paganucci ’71 Peter E. ’70 and Lorraine Provenzale Anthony C., Sr. ’67 and Frances Providenti Rev. Monsignor Michael J. Reid ’73 Edward T. ’68 and Susan Reilly Ernest J. ’59 and Mary Restivo Terese M. Rouge ’71 and Patrick Dolan Denis J. ’75 BT and Joanne Salamone Peter Schleipman ’86 William P. Shanahan ’50 + Charles Shea ’68 + Robert W. ’63 and Patricia M. Sheehan Arnold J. Sparr, Ph.D. John F. ’66 and Diane Tiernan Anthony S. Tortorelli ’80 Nicholas L. ’68 and Susan Trivisonno Barbara A. Tuck John F. ’67 BT and Maureen + Tully Paul Urso, Ph.D. ’50 + Lt. Col. Philip C. Valenti, USAF (Ret.) ’50 and Joan + Valenti Marilyn A. Verna, Ed.D. Thomas J. BT and Anita Volpe Francis E., Ph.D. ’65 and Patricia M. Wakely + = Deceased  |  1859 Society Consistent Year Donors:  V = 5 Years+  |  X = 10 Years+  |  XV = 15 Years+ JOIN THE ST. CLARE SOCIETY Recognition you deserve for the Legacy you leave You probably belong to more clubs than you realize. Chances are, your wallet contains at least one hotel, airline, auto or restaurant loyalty club card. Maybe you are a member of a country club, a bridge club or other social group. Clubs are everywhere. You may already be qualified to join one with significant rewards. One that celebrates the words of our patron — it is in giving that we receive. If you have made a planned gift of any type or size to St. Francis College, then you are automatically eligible for membership in our legacy society called the St. Clare Society. We created the St. Clare Society to honor the generosity of people like you. We want to make sure you know how much we appreciate you and your gift. When you join our legacy society, we can also get to know you and make sure that we use your gift in the way you intend. Thanks for giving and believing in the legacy of St. Francis College. WHAT IS THE ST. 1IM= %Qd)QM䁥́ȁMи ɔݡɥMиɅ́ͥͤMͥѕѡɱɅ͍́ݥѠȁéɕͽɍ́ѕ)䁙չչ䁽Ʌ͍ݽ܁ݸ́ѡAȁ ɕ̰ѼɅєݥѠɅѡɅ͍ͥ) ́͡ѡMи ɔM䁥Ց+ ɕɕ݅䁅Ёѡ éݕ䁍Ʌѥ́ѡՍɥЁЁȁՅյ5+ ٥ȁѕѡՅI+ ɕ٥٥хѥ́ѼMиɅ́ ٕ́Ѽ ٕ́ȁѡȁɕ+ ٥ѡͅѥ͙ѥݥѡЁ́MиɅ́ɽ́Ё́ɅȁѡЃq%Ё́٥ѡЁݔɕٔt()1ɸɔЁѡMи ɔM聍ऀā٥͙ԁݕͥє͙Խ٥()LPH9 $L =00ӊLԁ99U0=9=HHA=HP ((((0