Terrier Volume 79, Number 1 - Fall 2015 - Page 21

Honor Roll of Donors The following pages list alumni, friends, faculty, parents, grandparents, staff, corporations, and foundations who made contributions in the 2014–2015 fiscal year. The generous gifts listed throughout this report represent support to all areas of St. Francis College including the Annual Fund for scholarships, library resources, and athletics. Leadership Gifts While gifts of all sizes are gratefully received and carefully stewarded, St. Francis College extends a special thank you to donors listed below for their leadership gifts and for helping to secure leadership donations of $2,50 0 to $50,0 0 0 or more. F OUND E R ’S CIR C L E ($50,000 and above) Brendan J. ’68 BT and Barbara A. Dugan XV Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund V General Atlantic Corporation Uwe P. Gielen, Ph.D. X Michael J. Holmes + Judy and Fred Wilpon Family Foundation, Inc. William J. ’75 and Geraldine Lovejoy XV Mary T. Macchiarola V William D. ’59 and Aimee Maroney Lawrence A. ’72 BT and Karen Marsiello XV Louis G. ’79 and Kathleen Pastina V Denis J. ’75 BT and Joanne Salamone XV David D. ’6 4 and Ann Smith John F. ’66 and Diane Tiernan X John F. Tully ’67 BT XV Fred and Judith A. Wilpon CH A R T E R S O CIE T Y ($25,000 to $49,999) Emmet J. ’52 and Carroll Agoglia XV Astoria Bank XV Brown Brothers Harriman X Charles Schwab & Co., Inc. Kenneth D. ’88 BT and Laurie Daly X DeSales Media Group, Inc. V Ernst & Young LLP Fidelity Brokerage Services GA Partners Foundation Catherine Greene BT V Rev. Msgr. Kieran Harrington David E. Haverty ’81 XV Michael A. ’61 and Catherine J. Henning Gerard C. ’68 and Mary Jane Keegan XV Barbara G. ’76 BT and Robert Koster V Liberty Warehouse Lorraine M. Lynch ’91 and Arthur Swaine, Jr. V Joseph M. Esq. and Mary Ann Mattone X National Grid XV Michael O’Keeffe V Leonard E. ’65 and Catherine Olen V Prudential Insurance Company V Roy L. Reardon, Esq. ’51 and Patricia Hynes, Esq. Herbert V. ’58 and Mary Ryan XV The Sage Foundation Philip J. Solondz Family Foundation Dawn Taylor Legend:  BT = Board of Trustees | P R E SID EN T ’S C OUN CIL ($10,0 0 0 to $24,9 9 9) Anonymous V Alltype Printing James Argutto Ayco Charitable Foundation Michael Bodson Bradford Renaissance Portraits Corp. Nicholas R. Caiazzo, Esq. Peter J. Callahan ’63 XV Domenick and Wendy Cama V Bro. Gregory L. Cellini, OSF V Lucia and Ceasar Cellini Foundation Peter T. ’70 and Janice Chingos Collins Building Services, Inc. Joseph K.Collins Thomas A. Conniff, Esq. X James E. Corrigan, Ph.D. ’60 XV Cox & Company Cullen & Dykman V Vincent A. ’65 and Marie D’Angelo V William F., Jr. ’86 BT and Meredith R. Dawson V Pasquale C. ’73 and Joann M. DePalma X DTCC Educational Housing Services, Inc. V Ernst & Young Foundation ExxonMobil Foundation V FINRA Flushing Bank Forest City Enterprises Frederick D. ’6 4 and Catherine Furman XV Hudson City Savings Bank X Hudson Link for Higher Education in Prison, Inc. Investors Bank JP Morgan Chase V Thomas J. Esq. ’69 and Eileen Killeen XV James I. Konkel, CPA ’57 XV Koret Found ѥ)-A5չѥX)(-ɕٱ)51ɵaX)]ѕȁH1dāaX)ɝ1ݥ)5 I܁չѥX)( ɥѽȃd́ P ɽ5X))͕(d䁅55ѥaX)5ɍAѹ͡ȁ٥X)5ձمչѥ)9ѥɥչѥ()Q9ѥ%хɥչѥ%X)9ѥAѡɽQ)9܁eɬ չ չѥ)9ѡ չѥ) ɥѽȁ4=ѥ胊d)1ѕȁ=ݕ)MѕٕEՅɥX)IIѹ)IݽM٥́ aX)5ɅIѕȁչѥX)QIٕȁ X)QɤI)YЁIX)I͕ЁMɥѥ̰%))Iݥͭd́)5 ɹIݥͭdЁX)IЁ-4MյɅ)Q塅Ʌ ɕЁU)ѡLQѽɕdaX)݅ɐdAɥQɅمѤaX)9́0dMͅQɥ٥ͽ)]@dȁ5ɕQձX)Qɹȁ Սѥ )Uѕ]䁽5͕́ͅ 䁅)5ɥY)1и A YѤUMIиd)QYՅɐɽ)-Ѡ0d́չYX)]ɘIͬMѥ̰11 `))d́iɕX()@HM%8PeL %H 0԰Ѽ)ɔȁ ѥ )ѡd䁅I͕ɥaX)IЁ(dā5 aX) %ɕ) ɹ́9ЁMиɅ́ )5( 䃊daX) չѥ)Qхє ͡) 9d5))́ Ѓd؁ ѕȁ]ѽaX)Iظ5͝ȸ)( Ʌ P)I յX)Ʌ )ȸX) ɽ币 ) х=9)Mͅ Ս( ͤX)IЁ) ѕX((͕M ͥѕЁeȁXԁe̯`e̯aXԁe̬()LPH9 $L =00ӊLԁ99U0=9=HHA=HP ((((