Terrier Volume 78, Number 1 - Spring 2014 - Page 7

Francis J. Greene A Half Century of Inspiration The pursuit of knowledge is something to be cherished; sharing that information, an inspiration. For nearly half a century, Francis J. Greene has inspired thousands, sharing his treasure trove of knowledge with all who knew him at St. Francis College. D r. Greene has now completed his 46th Dr. Greene also helped re-invigorate the and final year as a full time professor at Study Abroad program as its co-director for the St. Francis. Although his fulltime presence past five years with Professor Jennifer Wingate. in our halls will be missed, thankfully his An alumnus of St. Peter’s College and new title of Professor Emeritus signals that Rutgers graduate school, Dr. Greene taught Dr. Greene is not making a clean break with for four years before coming across the harbor the College. to Brooklyn. In fact, he hopes to teach an Honors course That makes 50 years at the head of a in the fall as well as a cultural-based class. classroom. But even with a reduced role at That would be a fitting post considering St. Francis, Dr. Greene’s impact will live on. Dr. Greene on the 2011 TV show, Mysteries of the Church (NET TV), talking about the Dr. Greene co-founded the Honors Program The people he’s taught have made huge changing artistic representations of Jesus just a few years after taking over the Duns contributions to St. Francis College and the throughout history. Scotus Honor Society in 1980. He stayed on as world beyond. a moderator of Duns Scotus until this year. For example: Bro. William Boslet, OSF ’70 “With his doors always open, I could turn has served as Superior General of the to Dr. Greene be it for advice, encouragement, Franciscan Brothers of Brooklyn for a number or inspiration,” recalls Tamas Toth ’12, a former of years. June McGris ken ’76 is now the President of the Duns Scotus Honor Society Executive Vice President of the College. now studying in Paris. “Even after graduation, Michael MacIntyre ’97 is Global Head of he was there as a mentor continuously guiding Intra Group Services/Wealth Management me and supporting me throughout my graduate for HSBC and a member of the Alumni Board school application.” of Directors. Dr. Greene plans to use his time now to “I do a lot of travelling for my job and I credit pursue his passions including the study of 19th Dr. Greene for making me a more well-rounded century architecture and developing his growing person,” said MacIntyre. “Being able to adapt love for gothic work. Recently, Dr. Greene has and adjust to different cultures is an important also found himself as art historian to several skill. Almost 20 years later, we still share a churches in Brooklyn. He discovered the bond and talk about the various museums and origin of the stained glass windows in nearby countries where we’ve both visited.” Frank Greene with Jeffrey Sachs, Director of St. Charles Borromeo and decoded the windows Other alumni who studied with Dr. Greene the Earth Institute, last October, at the first annual Dr. Francis J. Greene Honors Lecture. at St. James Basilica, Brooklyn, located between include Carl Quigley ’75 (Assistant Athletic the Brooklyn and Manhattan bridges. His work Director), Edmund Greco, Jr. ’79 (President, at St. James eventually became a book! Midhattan Woodworking Corp.), Joseph The College owes Dr. Greene a great debt for his other Hemway ’84 (President, Alumni Association), Dr. Victor contributions as well, including having served as the Chair Masi ’89 (Board of Trustees), and Ken Daly ’88 (President of the Department of Foreign Languages, Fine Arts, and National Grid New York, Board of Trustees). International Cultural Studies for 31 years. He helped start It is not a one-way street. Dr. Greene, in turn, keeps the International Studies program and was instrumental in in regular contact with many of his former students creating the International Business option which mixes and remembers details about them. “I still remember foreign language, culture, and arts with business. the subject of Ken Daly’s term paper for an honors “The combination offers cultural literacy to students course — Edward Hopper.” Dr. Greene tells the story who want to be in the business world,” he said, a goal that After 46 years, Dr. Greene has borne witness to for each stained glass in Dr. Greene found vital for success as more and more jobs an amazing evolution at St. Francis but some things, the book, The Light began to fall under the umbrella of globalization. he says, have stayed the same. “The culture has changed Within The Cathedral. “He opened our eyes to appreciate the most beautiful enormously but the students haven’t changed,” said things in the world and in return we appreciated the knowledge, Dr. Greene. “They are still curious, generous, and kind. Idealistic about guidance, and support he gave us,” said Robert Oliva ’04, now Director what we should be doing but uncertain about themselves and in need of Community Partnerships and Special Events at St. Francis. of encouragement.” ● ST. FR ANCIS COLLEGE TERRIER | SPRING 2014 | 5