Terrier Volume 78, Number 1 - Spring 2014 - Page 6

Campus Events Piper Kerman Pat Kiernan DECEMBER 4, 2013 Professor Michele Montecalvo wanted to make her Health Issues class more relevant for her students this semester so she decided to tap into a hot piece of popular culture. She assigned the memoir, Orange is the New Black by Piper Kerman, now a popular Netflix TV series. “I wanted to highlight some of the social injustices that happen in the health care system,” said Professor Montecalvo. But the students weren’t satisfied with just reading the memoir. They wanted to hear about it from the author. More than 40 of them sent emails FEBRUARY 6 and tweets to Kerman, requesting she come and talk to the class. The letters, which contained personal stories, also related sections of Kerman’s memoir to the Healthy People 2020 Objectives published by the Centers for Disease Control. To their great surprise, she said yes and visited St. Francis on Dec. 4. “I didn’t think the power of Twitter, email, and social networks would actually get her here. But it did,” said Joseph Tran ’15, a biology major. “It was a great experience,” added psychology major Any Chen ’16. One of NY1’s most famous news anchors, Pat Kiernan, visited St. Francis to meet with students taking Broadcast News Writing. He told them that in a world where many people now get their information from Facebook and Twitter, it’s vital for traditional newsrooms to set themselves up as curators of the news, giving viewers in-depth coverage of only the most important stories. View the SFCTV Story NY1 Anchor Pat Kiernan with Joseph Schmucker ’14, Amber Ferguson ’14, Michael Garay ’14, Kareem Cooper ’14, Yubelis Garcia ’15, Kellie Delgado ’14, and Keah Watkins ’15. Memorial Concert for Richard Berleth Piper Kerman with Professor Michele Montecalvo and her Health Issues class. Miriam Leuchter FEBRUARY 24 Urban Monk FEBRUARY 10 FEBRUARY 14 Miriam Leuchter, the Editor-in-Chief of Popular Photography and American Photo magazines spoke to members of the St. Francis Photography Club and others about professional photography and how social media and apps are affecting the industry. Gadadhara Pandit Dasa, author of Urban Monk — Exploring Karma, Consciousness and the Divine, spoke during Professor Ben Wood’s Religions of India class. He described his journey growing up in a wealthy family detached from his Indian heritage and the family’s loss of everything. This loss led to his discovery of the Hindu sacred text, the Bhagavad-Gita, and his transformation into a monk living on Manhattan’s Lower East Side. Amanda Sullivan ’15, President of the SFC Photography Club with Miriam Leuchter and photo club moderator Virginian Franklin. See their photos on Instagram @SFCPhotographyClub The marking on Gadadhara Pandit Dasa’s forehead represents the footprint of God. “The idea is we’re trying to humble ourselves before God by placing God’s feet on our head.” Concerts at Half Past Twelve celebrated the life of Communication Arts Professor Richard Berleth who passed away Oct. 12, 2013. A concert entitled “From Bach to Bartok” featured Gregory Fulkerson on violin. Emily Berleth and her daughter, Katy Huber, with violinist Gregory Fulkerson. The Exonerated MARCH 28 Fernando Bermudez, Jabbar Collins, and Jesse Friedman all spent years in jail for crimes they did not commit. They recently performed in the play, The Exonerated, taking on the real life roles of people who are also wrongly convicted… and sit on death row. Stop and Frisk Explained MARCH 13 Steve Wasserman, an attorney with the Legal Aid Society, gave a special lecture in Professor Nickie Phillips’ Urban Law Enforcement Problems class devoted to the NYPD practice of stop-and-frisk. Dr. Wasserman addressed the constitutionality of the stops and the disproportionate impact on minority communities, including police practices in NYC public housing. 4  |  ST. FR ANCIS COLLEGE TERRIER  |  SPRING 2014 Dr. Steve Wasserman, the Legal Aid Society. Fernando Bermudez, Jesse Friedman, and Jabbar Collins all played roles in this emotional performance.