Terrier Volume 78, Number 1 - Spring 2014 - Page 4

Campus News SFC Visits the NYSE A special honor announced the arrival of the St. Francis College Center for Entrepreneurship as students, alumni, and administrators rang the closing bell at the New York Stock Exchange on Dec. 23, 2013. “Ringing the bell at the Stock Exchange tells the world that you are a productive member of the business community,” said St. Francis College President Brendan J. Dugan ’68. “The fact is our small college in Brooklyn Heights has had two feet firmly planted in this world for decades through our countless, successful alumni.” The Center for Entrepreneurship plans to be on the leading edge of the burgeoning Brooklyn business community helping to teach, guide, and support new and young businesses while instilling the idea of social entrepreneurship in the next generation of entrepreneurs. Alumnus Louis Pastina ’79, Executive Vice President of Operations, NYSE U.S. Cash Market, helped arrange the visit and on Feb. 20 came back to St. Francis to offer a lecture on his experiences. Entrepreneurship interns Jakob Christerson ’16 and Jon Pepaj ’15 with Executive in Residence Mary Gelormino and Louis Pastina ’79. James Cafiero ’16, Nicole Terzulli ’13, Duncan Niederauer (CEO, NYSE Euronext), Dennis Anderson, June McGrisken ’76, William Maroney ’76, Landy Guevera ’18, Brendan J. Dugan ’68, Michael MacIntyre ’97, Denise M. Maroney, Mary Gelormino, Dominik Rohe ’97,