Terrier Volume 78, Number 1 - Spring 2014 - Page 23

In Memoriam We Remember The following alumni and friends of St. Francis College have recently passed away. We pray for the repose of their souls. Requiescant in Pacem. Dr. Frederick Zugibe Frederick T. Zugibe ’52, Ph.D., MD passed away on Sept. 6, 2013. In 1969, Dr. Zugibe became Rockland County’s first Chief Medical Examiner, a position he held until he retired 34 years later. He is credited with helping to modernize the profession by creating protocols and techniques for gathering evidence and organ donation. However, Dr. Zugibe is best known for applying his forensic skills to the Shroud of Turin and the death of Jesus Christ. His search for the cause of death led to the books, The Crucifixion of Jesus, a Forensic Inquiry and The Cross and the Shroud: A Medical Examiner Investigates the Crucifixion. Because of his expertise in the subject, Dr. Zugibe later appeared on dozens of TV specials and contributed to documentaries about the Shroud. He was 85. Photo courtesy lohud.com S T. F R A N C I S C O L L E G E A L U M N I Michael Barra ’71 Robert F. Bazzone ’61 Mary Lee Bedford ’69 Michael P. Benvenuto ’65 John A. Bertone ’51 Dennis R. Biagi ’67 Peter J. Cippoletti ’62 Horace A. Craigwell ’96 Patrick J. Cummings ’73 Ronald F. Cunningham ’57 Anthony J. Deacy ’62 Joseph P. Dolan ’59 Arthur J. Dunne ’72 John W. Fahy ’65 Alan Fisher ’67 Peter K. Fullam ’66 Lennart Gidlund ’81 Gerard J. Gillia ’59 Michael A. Graham ’68 Alfred E. Habib ’50 John E. Hennessy ’49 Leroy F. Kinlocke ’96 Fr. Henry Marchese, SA ’55 Walter F. Marlowe ’57 Thomas J. McGwynn ’70 Robert W. Murnane ’56 Joseph P. Murphy ’61 F R I E N D S O F S T. F R A N C I S COLLEGE Josephine Anemone, Mother of Louis ’72 James A. Arevalo Sr. Nora Ashe, CSJ Edward A. Ball, Brother of Robert ’61 Anne Blum Philip Bracco, Brother of Pascal ’77 Antonio Cafaro Patricia Cashin-Westin, Daughte ȁ