Terrier Volume 78, Number 1 - Spring 2014 - Page 2

TERRIER Spring 2014 Vol. 78, Number 1 Terrier, the magazine of St. Francis College, is published by the Office of College Relations for alumni and friends of St. Francis College. Linda Werbel Dashefsky Vice President for Government and Community Relations Dennis J. McDermott ’74 Director of Alumni Relations Thomas F. Flood Vice President for Development EDITOR: Richard Relkin Director of Media Relations PHOTO EDITOR: Edwin Mathieu Webmaster COPY EDITOR: Anne Silverstein CONTRIBUTORS: Charlene St. Vil Director of Annual Giving Vanessa O. De Almeida ’00 Assistant Director of Alumni Relations David Gansell Director of Sports Information Alexandria Egler Professor of Religious Studies Danielle Adone ’13 Writer BOARD OF TRUSTEES ALUMNI BOARD OF DIRECTORS CHAIRMAN PRESIDENT John F. Tully, Esq. ’67 Joseph M. Hemway ’8 4 TRUSTEES VICE PRESIDENT Hector Batista ’8 4 Bro. William A. Boslet, OSF ’70 Msgr. John J. Bracken John B. Clark, Ph.D. Edward N. Constantino ’6 8 Bro. Leonard Conway, OSF ’71 Orville W. Dale Kenneth Daly ’8 8 Mary Beth Dawson, Ph.D. William Dawson ’8 6 Eugene Donnelly ’79 Brendan J. Dugan ’6 8** Catherine Greene Michael Henning ’61 Leslie S. Jacobson, Ph.D. Barbara G. Koster ’76 Jesus F. Linares ’8 4 Michael Macchiarola, Esq. J. Christopher Mangan ’8 3 Lawrence A. Marsiello ’72 Victor J. Masi, D.O. ’8 9 Gino P. Menchini Denis J. Salamone ’75 Bro. Kevin Smith, OSF, Ph.D. Thomas J. Volpe* Charles E. Williams III, Esq. Robert L. Smith ’72 DIRECTORS James Bozart ’8 6 Sarah Bratton ’07 Brendan J. Cahalan ’ 92 Rosmery Camilo ’0 6 John J. Casey ’70 Salvatore Demma ’0 9 Patrick Dugan ’01 John Kiely ’76 Mary Anne Killeen ’78 Alfonso Lopez ’0 6 Lorraine M. Lynch ’ 91 Michael A. MacIntyre ’ 97 James H. McDonald ’69 Patti Moffatt Lesser ’77 Kevin M. Nash ’78 Jonathan K. Ng ’07 Dyanne Marie Rosado ’95 Danielle Rouchon ’ 92 Theresa Spelman-Huzinec ’8 8 Peter F. Spiess ’75 Joseph Szkutnik ’71 Eugene J. Viti, Jr. ’85 * Emeritus and Non-Voting ** Not elected Meghan Lewitt Writer PLEASE ADDRESS ALL LETTERS TO THE EDITOR TO: Richard Relkin Terrier Magazine St. Francis College 18 0 Remsen Street, Room 730 4 Brooklyn Heights, N Y 11201- 4305 OR VIA E-MAIL TO: Terrier@sfc.edu K E E P I N T O U C H W I T H S T. F R A N C I S O N L I N E facebook.com/SFCNY facebook.com/SFCAlumni facebook.com/sfcterriers instagram.com/sfcny instagram.com/sfcalumni linkedin.com/company/st.-franciscollege twitter.com/#SFCNY twitter.com/#sfcterriers twitter.com/sfcalumni youtube.com/stfrancisny youtube.com/sfcterriers For more information, please contact Vanessa De Almeida ’00, Assistant Director of Alumni Relations, at alumni@sfc.edu. Download a digital copy of Terrier or view multimedia related to articles found in Terrier at: www.sfc.edu/terrier. At the Terrier, we are always looking for new ideas for stories and spotlights. If there’s someone you’d like to read about, please send a note to Terrier@sfc.edu. The opinions and viewpoints expressed in Terrier are not necessarily those of St. Francis College, its trustees or administration. Designed by mNovakDesign and printed in NY.