Terrier Volume 78, Number 1 - Spring 2014 - Page 11

Faculty Notes Psychology Professor Uwe P. Gielen and Dinesh Sharma from the St. Francis College Institute for International and Cross Cultural Psychology spoke at the New York Academy of Sciences in a presentation entitled Obama as a Global Leader. Bridge Park as a laboratory as well as the College’s new state-of-the-art labs. Criminal Justice Professor Nickie Phillips spoke about her book, Comic Book Crime: Truth, Justice, and the American Way at Leeds Metropolitan University in England as part of the University’s Centre for Applied Social Research guest lecture series. Professor Gielen also participated in a joint conference of the Society for Cross Cultural Research and the International Division (52) of the American Psychological Association, in Charleston, SC. Dr. Gielen is a former president of both organizations. Students from Kathryn Grant’s Theater Production Workshop created The Secrecy Project this spring, which included multi-media performance of three Bertolt Brecht works, The Playwright’s Song, The Jewish Wife, and The Informer as well as original response pieces written and performed by St. Francis students. The Chair of the Biology and Health Promotions Department Kathleen Nolan and seven students are taking part in the American Eel Monitoring Project with the New York Aquarium and the NYS Department of Environmental Conservation. Dr. Nolan also ran a free 10-week afterschool science program for students from MS 8 and MS Communication Arts Professor Kathryn Grant, Nicole Dontantonio ’15, Michael Serpe ’15, David Arthur ’17, Nicole Spataro ’16, Rachel DeFluri ’15, Matthew Velez ’15, Javier Rodriguez ’15, and Nicole Molinelli ’16. A B O V E : Trang Cao ’17, Elaine Rendon ’16, Toriane Agostino ’16, Miranda Paljevic ’15, Edward Schook ’14 and Michelle Steven with Katie Couric. TOP: 447. Biology Professor Alison Cucco and President of the Chemistry Club Kate Selivanovitch ’14 helped out with the program that uses Brooklyn Scholar-in-Residence Fred Siegel has received favorable reviews for his new book , The Revolt Against the Masses: How Liberalism Has Undermined the Middle Class (Encounter). Publications that gave him the thumbs up include the Wall Street Journal, the National Review, and the New York Post. Communication Arts Professor Michelle Steven brought her class to a recording of Katie. They met with the show’s star, Katie Couric, after the taping and got some good advice on a career in journalism. Professor Steven also brought to campus Victoria Fleary, Director of Interactive for WBLS/ Emmis Broadcasting, for one-on-one discussions with Communication Arts students. ● I SUPPORT ST. FRANCIS BECAUSE… “After everything I gained at St. Francis personally and professionally, I can’t think of any better use of my money.” M Through a bequest in her will, Betty Gatto ’94, is leaving a portion of her estate to St. Francis College. She earned both her bachelor’s and master’s from St. Francis and stayed on to teach in the accounting department. y heart belongs to the Franciscans—what can I tell you, they practically raised me. I grew up here in Brooklyn and I went to Catholic schools. My brother went to SFC and my mother would bake lasagna for his fraternity brothers on Sundays. When I was looking to complete my college degree—at age 48—it was Brother George, in particular, who encouraged me to come study here at St. Francis. I stayed on, got my masters at LIU, and then began teaching accounting here in 1998 until I married and moved to Florida in 2002. I truly miss St. Francis. I really loved studying and working there. I’ve taught elsewhere but this was the only college where you could feel the warmth of the place— the professors have a real interest in the students, and the students truly care about their education. I’m giving to St. Francis because after everything I gained there personally and professionally, I can’t think of any better use of my money. ST. CLARE SOCIETY PLANNED GIVING Get started on your plan. Talk to a Planned Giving Advisor today. (718) 489-5361 • sfc.edu/plannedgiving ST. FR ANCIS COLLEGE TERRIER | SPRING 2014 | 9