Terre Haute Visitor's Guide 2019 - Page 55

Fairbanks Park National Road Heritage Trail Park Deming Park The National Road is a historically important facet of Terre Haute and Vigo County’s economic development. As an All-American Road of the National Scenic Byway system, the Historic National Road offers unique historical tourism and recreational opportunities for visitors to Terre Haute and Vigo County. The National Road Heritage Trail is designed to serve as a 7.25 mile non-motorized transportation corridor linking eastern Vigo County and the City of Terre Haute to historic Fairbanks Park located on the Wabash River. Griffin Bike Park Collett Park Dobbs Park RULES OF THE TRAILS Trail open during daylight hours only; Motorized vehicles prohibited; Place litter in receptacles; No pets larger than a dog allowed on the trail; Keep pets leashed, under control, and clean up after them; Travel in the right lane, pass on the left; Use appropriate audible warnings when passing others; Move off the paved portion of the trail when stopping; Travel at speeds that are appropriate for current conditions; Stop, look and listen at road intersections; Stay on the trial; respect adjacent property owners; Firearms and weapons prohibited; Use of alcohol prohibited; Defacing trail signs and facilities prohibited. Guide to Terre Haute • 55