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UPFRONT columns FIT & FAB MOM ERIN GREGORY Starting the new year grateful A nother year is in the books for us, Wabash Valley dwellers. How was 2018 for you? In the Gregory household there were a lot of changes, challenges, blessings and improve- ments. This year, rather than setting 2019 off with the tone of bettering myself with a res- olution focused on money, weight, etc. (you get the picture), I’m going to sit back and appreciate the hard work Mike and I put into our lives to get to where we are today. We often get so wrapped up in what isn’t going according to plan, we forget to be thankful for what we have. THE GREGORY TOP 10 FROM 2018 10. Two out of three kids are out of diapers! Maggie was potty trained pretty early in the year, and, as a parent of young tots, this is an accomplishment. It’s no easy feat chasing after naked bottoms cleaning up accidents. Well done Mags! 9. Hanging up my instructor hat at the Y to better focus my attention on the marketing side of things. This is a top 10 because I have a history of loading my plate a little too much and instead I prioritized and took something off, allowing for better work and less stress. This also opened the door for new talent at the Y and new great classes! 8. Making endless memories with the girls, including trips to museums throughout the Midwest, zoos, and more. Some of the best memories I have are sitting in the basement, watching movies and eating popcorn. When everyone is in a good mood, and happy to be where they are, life is grand. 7. Planning successful Y events, including the second annual Red Gala and Heart Throb 5k. The Y and the needs it addresses in the community, even with the challenges it has faced this year, keeps me humble and grounded and allows me to feel good about how I am serving this commu- nity. I am confident 2019 will be an accom- plished year for the organization. 6. Helping our friends in need. We focused on this a lot this year. We are so blessed to have healthy children and fami- lies. Helping others allows us to appreciate this and has also graced us with wonderful friends. 5. Making new friends! Through McKinley’s new school we have met new parents with similar interests and passions. tribstar.com/terrehauteliving As parents, mak- ing friends can be challenging. We get so wrapped up in the lives of our kids, and work, we can forget that we also need to socialize! When the stars align and God puts inter- esting, well-rounded people in your path, it’s awesome if it fits. 4. Successfully putting one child into full-time school! McKinley started kin- dergarten at Hoosier Prairie Elementary and we couldn’t be happier with her teacher, Bren- da Keizer, and the ed- ucation she is getting. She is already reading and truly enjoying learning! 3. Buying and selling (in that ter- rifying order) a house! When we moved to Terre Haute we bought our first family home. It served us well for close to 4 years. When we became pregnant with Mia, we realized we were at capacity in our current home. Through the dedication and extreme patience of Karla West at Century21 (shame- less plug on my part) we found our current home and moved with plenty of time before the baby arrived. 2. Undergoing major renovations at said new home! Mike and I are DIY fix- er-upper novices. We have updated closets, built shelves and tables, replaced mirrors and toilets ... but our new house was lacking a finished basement. For this we interviewed several contractors and landed on MHS Construction. They did a fantastic job and completed the job before Mia was born! It made our house a home as we designed the look and feel with them. It’s amazing to have a place that you helped come to fruition. 1. And the inevitable first on the list, is the arrival of our third beautiful baby girl, Mia Ann Gregory. Mia could have her own top 10 list as a newborn, but I opted to just give her one and tried to remember every- thing else we have accomplished this year. We are excited to enter the new year with our smiling, happy healthy 4-month-old. Her sis- ters, McKinley and Maggie, couldn’t be more in love. In fact, if they go visit their grandpar- ents or I have to take Mia to an appointment or travel with her, they’re often sad she will be gone. I’m so grateful for their love for one another. After Maggie arrived, Mike and I felt like there was still room in our family for more. Mia filled that space and her smiles and giggles make us all whole. Happy New Year Wabash Valley! I hope your year starts off with feelings of accom- plishment and gratitude. Spend some time in 2019 reaching out to others, appreciating what you have, and loving those around you. Erin Gregory is a full- time stay at home mom of two young girls and part-time fitness instruc- tor at the YMCA. She is a freelance publicist and writer for a variety of publications; her work is often accompanied by photos taken by her husband, Mike Gregory. January/February 2019 • Terre Haute Living 9