Terre Haute Living January/February 2019 - Page 49

Lines from Linda Find your gift in 2019 Cut out those things that don’t bring you joy, concentrate on those that do M ary Engelbreit and I are now BFFs. Mary may not be aware of this amazing connection but that’s OK. I have two emails proving she knows my name. Maybe I am stretching the definition of BFFs but I do have those emails. I needed her permission to use a drawing of hers for my December article. She graciously responded via email granting such permission. Opening that first correspondence and realizing Mary Engelb- reit had personally answered me will be an event I will remember forever! Not exaggerating here; I adore Mary Engelbreit’s art and have passed my admiration along to my daughters. The old- est one, Shelly, has decorated her whole kitchen in Mary Engelbreit stuff: pictures, Christmas or- naments; calendars. You name it, she has it. I’m proud I was able to influence her appreciation of a wonderful and talented artist. I have been mulling over my fascination with Mary Engelbreit, which is more than an ap- preciation of her art. I am intrigued by creative gifted people. I would like to have an in depth conversation with Andrew Lloyd Webber to ask him when and how he knew he was not only cre- ative but extremely gifted. Or when did Stephen King discover his talent as a writer? Was there a defining moment for Oprah Winfrey when she just knew she had a gift and talent for listening to people? What about Peyton Manning? Or Karen Sagraves? Karen is the assistant coordina- tor of Liturgy & Music at Sisters of Providence of Saint Mary-of-the-Woods and director of music for Central Christian Church. Karen is a gifted, talented, creative musical person. Her touch on the piano is delicate, pounding, joyful, or sad. Emotion and expression combined with hard work and great skill define her as a truly marvelous pianist. I will never be Mary Engelbreit or Andrew Lloyd Webber. I am a decent writer but I am no Stephen King. I can listen like Oprah but I lack her drive. As for my piano playing abilities, they truly are only marginal. Karen’s place is safe, although I did take piano lessons for four years. tribstar.com/terrehauteliving I rode my bike five miles each way to the home of Judy Prost; played and practiced; got a lot of exercise but never got the hang of piano playing. When I met Marilyn Fisher, another gifted piano player, I learned she gave piano lessons. I also learned she charged $5 for each lesson. I tried to convince her that because I already knew how to play with my right hand I should only have to pay her $2.50 to teach me how to play the left hand. She declined this offer but did become my true BFF, which was a better deal for both of us. Everyone reading this article is gifted or talented. It may be playing spoons instead of piano or planting a garden instead of painting one. Each of us is talented in some way. It is up to us to discover that talent and then Shelly and Susan in front of Mary Engelbreit decor. enjoy having it. I suspect if I were to One more word about that which I am not ask Mary or Peyton or Karen or Marilyn why they good: I make lousy cakes. They are usually dry, do what they do, they would each give the same crumbly, and if I decide to ice them, the lousy answer: They do what they do because they love cakes become disaster cakes. I am really good doing it. Their gifts give joy not only to others at making pies. Great crusts. Tasty fillings. but also to themselves. It is equally important to recognize what Scrumptious eating. I think I will invite Mary doesn’t give us joy. I am not good at putting Engelbreit over for pie. I think she would like my away laundry. When I was in seminary, I always pies. Just imagine Mary Engelbreit in my kitchen judged the amount of stress I was experiencing eating my pies. My house and my heart would be by the amount of clean laundry I was sleeping so warm and glowy I wouldn’t have to pay a light with: the higher the stress level, the higher the bill for six months! pile. I solved that problem by teaching my girls the true definition of family included participation in family chores, which in this case meant folding and putting away their own clothes. Is there something at which you are not so good? Why are you doing it? Is there a way to do more of the fun things and less of the not so fun? I do know 2019 has 365 days. How many of those do you want to devote to doing that which you do poorly and how many do you want to spend doing that which gives you joy? Linda Snider is a retired United Methodist minister. In addition to pastoring churches for 33 years, she served as a chaplain for Goodwill Industries and as a spiritual guide in a faith based program at the Federal Peni- tentiary in Terre Haute. She has two daughters, two grandsons and three dogs. Reach her at linesfromlinda@yahoo.com. January/February 2019 • Terre Haute Living 49