Terre Haute Living January/February 2019 - Page 19

Union Health 6-1/2 Street & 8th Avenue | Terre Haute, IN | 812-238-7000 | myunionhospital.org W hen you are admitted to Union Hospital and other leading hospitals across the country, a hospitalist cares for you. A hospitalist is a physician who specializes in the medical care to patients within the hospital. Hospitalists typically do not have an office where they see patients. Their time is primarily spent in a hospital setting as opposed to a clinic or office which means patients will have more access to them during their hospital stay. The hospitalist will care for you versus your family physician coming to the hospital. What are the benefits of having a hospital-based physician or hospitalist? A key benefit is faster, more efficient care. As part of the hospitalist model, patients have a quicker response to the medical care they require. Prescriptions can be quickly ordered, administered and adjusted as their needs progress. Tests, x-rays and lab results can be ordered and evaluated in real time. Hospitalists also have access with other physicians and specialists (cardiologist, neurologist, radiologist, surgeons, etc.) to keep patient care progressing more efficiently. Hospitalists can be involved in family meetings to provide quicker updates or to discuss care options and make treatment recommendations. Their constant presence within the hospital allows the hospitalist to devote more time to the overall care of the patient. Typical duties of a hospitalist at Union Hospital include: • Developing comprehensive treatment plans for hospitalized patient • Addressing any specific treatment questions from staff What is a Hospitalist? • • • • • Consulting with or recommend specialty physicians (cardiologist, pulmonologist, etc.) as needed Overseeing patient medications (while patient is in the hospital) Ordering and reviewing diagnostic tests and x-rays for a more accurate diagnosis Educating patients about their conditions and test results Overseeing the hospital discharge process and communication of patient condition and treatment back to the patient’s primary care provider. Health Today A SPECIAL ADVERTISING FEATURE Hospitalist Huddle Dr. Bolinger