Terre Haute Living January/February 2019 - Page 16

This center serves as a peaceful environment to promote comfort, dignity and quality of life. We offer a family family-supportive setting for patients to receive around-the-clock medical care in the comfort of a home-like environment. “The quiet beauty of the center helped bring us all peace, and we will not forget that blessing.” -Daughter of patient “The expedient care, detail and emotional support was so meaningful to our family.” -Family of patient “Your hospice facility is lovely and staffed by sweet, caring and efficient people.” -Friend of patient What is Inpatient Hospice Care? The General Inpatient (GIP) level of care is called for when a patient’s pain or other symptoms cannot be effectively managed in the patient’s home or other setting. The patient requires an advanced level of care that is better managed during a short stay in an inpatient setting. We are YOUR community not for profit homecare and hospice For more information, please call 812.232.7611 or visit www.myhospicevna.org