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“Dr. Steve has been doing this for 25 years and in that time he has also done so much for the community, both in and out of the office,” Sparenbrg explains. “We have done Dentistry From The Heart two years in a row; we love doing things that is our specialty and something where we can give back … It’s a great company and ‘family’ to be a part of.” With more than 20 staffers and a booming new facility, Dr. Steve couldn’t do all the work on his own and began looking for new and emerging doctors to join the practice. Dr. Adam Ungaro, a native of Buffalo, N.Y., joined the team as a pediatric dentist in September 2015. “I couldn’t be happier,” Dr. Adam says. “The staff, just top notch people, Steve and Sandy are great, the community has been very welcoming and after being here a year, it’s starting to feel like home.” Adding “orthodontics” to the practice title, Dr. Theodore (Taj) Kula, came on board in August 2016, moving to Terre Haute with his wife and daughter. A fan of nature and outdoor sports, he says not only was Dentistry Just For Kids a perfect fit, but he and his family saw the Wabash Valley as a place they could call home. “I think we can debate whether this is a ‘small town,’ but I like the idea of living in a ‘small town.’ I like living out in a more rural community,” Dr. Kula says. “I love it. Working here has been great, the community has welcomed me, I have great patients, what’s not to like?” Wrapping up 2016 and his first year in the new facility, Dr. Steve says even though the practice is busier than ever, he’s tried to take a step back to enjoy the moment, even for just a second. “We keep track of the data on a monthly basis, but I guess now with the staff that we have, they have really made the thing run, and with two new doctors, they make it real easy to just hit the ground running,” Dr. Steve says. “We’re just really proud and think we still have Photo by more to accomplish.” Austen Leake Lucky Linden is a must read! Your choices become our first priorities When the need arises for a long term care facility or short term rehabilitation before returning back home, the choice is all yours. At Signature HealthCARE of Terre Haute, being the right choice for you is our priority. We strive to create an environment as close to home as possible. From our Nurse Practitioner caring for patients around the clock to our Chaplain serving our residents where they are in their lives, Signature HealthCARE of Terre Haute is radically changing the landscape of healthcare forever. Signature HealthCARE’s Urban facilities strive to offer programming that meets the needs and desires of the individuals we serve. We offer varied clinical programming, along with interfaith spirituality and quality of life programs that cater to the multi-ethnic, multi-cultural populations in our urban facilities. For more information about Signature HealthCare, go online to shcofterrehaute.com 3500 Maple Avenue Terre Haute, IN 47804 Phone: (812) 238-1555 Fax: (812) 238-2514 54 Terre Haute Living • December 2016 heartwarming story to share with your child or grandchild colorful, detailed illustrations to spark thoughtful discussions story to teach responsible pet ownership children’s book to emphasize the importance of giving our pets a forever home Susan Rozgony 812-249-2335 rozphd@gmail.com tribstar.com/terrehauteliving