Terre Haute Living December 2016 - Page 43

g N inety years ago the Community Theatre of Terre Haute began as a notion in the mind of Miss Madge Townsley, a librarian at the former Fairbank’s Memorial Library, who in 1926 is said to have asked herself the following question: “Why can’t Terre Haute have a community theater like other cities?” Since then, as the world has passed through the Great Depression, World Wars I and II, the Civil Rights movement, economic booms and busts, man landing on the moon and more, one of the civic ideals that has helped our community hold itself together during good times and bad has been its ongoing answer to Miss Townsley’s provocative query. “The show must go on!” In 1927, Townsley took matters into her own hands, gathering all the knowledge she could about how to establish a theater. In a newspaper interview she said, “It seemed the thing to do at the time … Little Theater groups were springing up all over the country. It took quite a preliminary time of planning before we presented the idea to the public.” tribstar.com/terrehauteliving December 2016 • Terre Haute Living 43