Terre Haute Living December 2016 - Page 41

g Schimmel continues, “We have shared cookies with them for all these big moments from getting engaged, to wedding[s], to having baby showers, to first birthday and first baptism. It’s like the cookie moment and this cookie is traveling through all these moments.” As the company continues to grow, Schimmel and Mucci have taken the next step by partnering with The Butler’s Pantry to rent commercial kitchen space. Not only has the partnership given the ladies a chance to move from their home kitchens to a larger space, but they often collaborate with The Butler’s Pantry catering orders. The two food companies have both found the partnership is a match made in heaven. Both businesses share similar visions of creating interesting and inventive products, while raising families and giving back to the community. “They share a common vision for creativeness, cleanliness, and incredible customer service. Plus, it’s nice to always have extra cookies around,” says Kris Kraut, chef and owner of The Butler’s Pantry. “Heather and Darby are super flexible and respectful. They are gracious, have a good sense of humor, and have nothing but growth in their future!” The company may be successfully growing, but at a rate that’s manageable for them to balance it with their first priority - being moms. Mucci and her husband Mike are raising three girls: 9 year-old Alli, 7 year-old Abbi and 5 year-old Rylee. Schimmelon, on the other hand, has four boys with her husband, Mark: 11 year-old Colson, 10 year-old Garrett, Gibson, who is 9, and Cooper, 7. With kids to wrangle and a booming business to manage it’s hard to believe the ladies have time for anything else, but these two say their bond as friends and business partners affords them the opportunity to have their cookie and eat it too. “She’s stuck with me,” Mucci says with a laugh. “We complement each other; we have enough similarities and differences that it just works.” Agrees Schimmel, “She’s right, we live similar lives with our families, our kids, our churches. She’s my sister. It’s like a marriage, for better or for worse, in sickness and in health sister, you are with me.” tribstar.com/terrehauteliving Heather Mucci and Darby Schimmel December 2016 • Terre Haute Living 41