Terre Haute Living December 2016 - Page 29

g Along with dia- Carole Collins knits a pers for the Miriam large piece at the Yarn Spinners gathering in Center of Northwest Haiti Christian September. Mission orphanage, a special needs orphanage, they also make drawstring dresses and britches. These items not only go to Haiti but to Africa, Honduras, Mexico and the Philippines. Another of their projects is to perform the first step in creating shoes for the Sole Hope Organization. These shoes are made out of blue jeans with old tires used for the soles. The FCC group cuts out the upper part of the shoe from jeans and sends them to North Carolina where another step is performed. Then the shoes are sent to Uganda where village women and cobblers finish the process. The Sole Hope Organization finds those with medical needs in Uganda; they clean their feet of jiggers, a type of sand flea, and then give them shoes. The first year of their ministry, Sewing Seams of Hope made 80 diapers. This year they made 1,882; and the three previous years, they reached at least 1,500 flannel diapers per year. They create a type of assembly line where one person cuts the pattern, another sews the initial seam, stitching the front and back together, and then on to the next step until the diaper is complete. From start to finish, Schuch says it takes about 20 minutes per diaper. Most of the material needed to make the diapers is donated. tribstar.com/terrehauteliving Make Your Holidays Happier with a little extra cash! Ask us about our Christmas Loans! December 2016 • Terre Haute Living 29