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The ladies of Mt. Pleasant Church’s Yarn Spinners begin their session with a prayer. They also accept donations of clean and unused yarn. “Yarn of varied colors and amounts and can be used to make a variety of beautiful pieces that will bless others,” Horstman said. Mt. Pleasant isn’t the only place these under-the-radar Mrs. Clauses can be found. What’s now a very active sewing ministry at First Christian Church in Brazil, was started by Leah Schuch in 2000 in one of the smallest rooms of the church. The year before, Schuch attended a National Missionary Convention (now called the International Conference on Missions) with a desire to help those in the “battle field” of ministry. At the conference, attendees were told, “We don’t need you in Haiti,” she said. But what they did need, desperately, were cloth diapers, dresses, shoes and britches. Armed with the new information and patterns, Schuch started the Sewing Seams of Hope program at the church. The group started slowly but soon gained momentum and today there are some 18 ladies working sewing machines and seven to nine others cutting materials and performing other tasks. The group also includes men who help with the sewing and cutting. The Longest Night, Dec 21st December 21st is the longest night of the year. Join us on Wednesday, December 21st at 6pm for a very special service. This service is a time to mourn and a time to grieve during what is presented to us as a season of celebration. For many, if not all, of us there will be empty chairs around our tables of celebration this season. Those chairs may be empty because of death, because of distance, or because of discord. Whatever the reason, we mourn the brokenness, offer hope, and together find light in the midst of darkness. Come, be encouraged and accept a free Gift for all attendees from Thomas Funeral Home Thomas Funeral Home 2200 North 13th Street - Terre Haute, IN 812-232-3085 28 Terre Haute Living • December 2016 tribstar.com/terrehauteliving