Terre Haute Living December 2016 - Page 10

COLUMNS (TERRE) HAUTE MOMMY KATIE SHANE Home for the holidays Trying to create a stress-free celebration O ne of my most vivid memories as a kid was an afternoon, sometime in December circa 1992, when I counted the days until Christmas on my Debbie Gibson Teen Bop calendar. For some reason, I was thinking Christmas was only a day away, but realized it was almost a week away. In that moment I feared my chest would explode. Panicked, I thought there was no humanly way possible I could wait five more days to run downstairs, rip open gifts and binge eat my Grama’s famous caramel rolls. Now as an adult and mother, I can say with 100 percent of my being that I’m just fine waiting on Christmas. In truth, if I could have an extra few weeks for my massive todo list, that would be better than getting everything on my wish list. It’s comical that I’m totally unprepared for Christmas because I’m pretty sure Wal-Mart had decorations out in July. Seriously, I went to buy a new beach towel and another bottle of sunscreen and all I got was a red and green gift bag of anxiety. Who on earth is thinking about Christmas? The pools are still open, the kids are still out of school and who wants to eat a candy cane when you can have s’mores and ice-cold sangrias?! Are there really people out there shopping for Christmas in July? I’m still pulling together school supplies in mid-October. Actually, scratch what I just wrote; now that I see the above statement in black and white, I think prolonging Christmas is a mistake. I’d rather get this thing over, the sooner the better. I could certainly deal without hearing my kids sing “Jingle Bells” at the top of their lungs in the back of my van and I may have a heart attack if I mistake our life-size faux Santa for an intruder one more time. And honestly, I can’t come up with one more reason that Sprinkle the Elf didn’t move the night before. Look kids, Sprinkle is lazy, Sprinkle forgot to move and Sprinkle was busy watching Real Housewives. I’m not sure if as the older I’m getting, the lazier I’m getting or if it’s that I’m trying harder to have quality time with my kids, but 10 Terre Haute Living • December 2016 this year I’m over the millions of commitments the holidays bring. Don’t call me Scrooge or a Grinch, I just begin to stress when I notice in October that December is already booked with Christmas events, school programs, cookie swaps, office parties and enough community holiday celebrations that even Mrs. Claus herself would need a few cups of spiked egg nog. If you’re anything like me, 98 percent of the Christmas to-do list falls directly on you. At my house I’m the one making the peppermint cake balls to pass out to our neighbors. I’m the one going to the chiropractor after sitting hunched over wrapping paper for hours, and I’m the one searching for just one more Shutterfly coupon to get 20 percent off and free shipping on our Christmas cards. Can’t we just go to Miracle on 7th Street (for more on Miracle check out the preview article in this issue – wink wink!), have a small office party and wrap up the season with church? So moms (and dads and grandparents – anyone), who’s with me? Go home, take off your bra, get into your jammies and ENJOY your family. Maybe say “no” to that lame party thrown by that girl that you really don’t like anyway. Don’t compete with your friend that makes the perfect Pinterest gifts and (gasp) buy her a gift card instead. Let your kids eat JUST ONE MORE cookie! The point – do YOU this year! Make family a priority. RELAX! Here’s to a happy holiday – and comfy jammies! Katie Shane is trying to navigate career and family, while staying sane. When she’s not chasing her two young daughters, Katie enjoys spending time with her husband, volunteering in the community and visiting her hometown of Louisville. Katie can be reached at katieshanewriter@gmail.com tribstar.com/terrehauteliving