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UPFRONT columns (TERRE) HAUTE MOMMY KATIE SHANE To have and to hold ... and to dance My kids’ love affair with weddings A s realistic (or sometimes cynical) as I might be, I admit, I love wed- dings. This summer we completed a wedding marathon – celebrating family, friends, family-friends, our beloved former dance teacher and wrapped up with the wedding of our “little sister.” It’s apparent my life has changed as I attended these weddings; my usual wedding date (aka my husband) was replaced by my wedding obsessed kids. Remember the days when you went to a wedding to possibly meet someone? Or used a wedding as an ex- cuse to party with your friends and dance the night away? Now, we’re the “older” people at the wedding who brought rowdy kids instead of getting a babysitter. Try as I might to explain the actual pur- pose of a wedding to my kids (i.e. the parts about vows and forever) I feel the only thing they took away from it is that weddings are a time for beautiful women to dress as a prin- cess and there’s cake and dancing. Which, to be fair, isn’t entirely off base. Our summer wedding tour grand finale was the union of Raeann Lawson (née Sutherlin) and Kaden Lawson. Rae is our for- mer babysitter, along with a great friend and the pesky “little sister” to Ryan. As wedding guests we felt like family; surrounded by the close-knit Clinton community in which Ryan and Raeann’s mom, Ronda Foster, have been educators together for more than a decade. In the weeks leading up to Raeann and Kaden’s wedding I took my role as “adopted sister” seriously, even hosting a leg of the bachelorette party in my hometown of Lou- isville. Don’t get any wild ideas, with a few younger bridesmaids we enjoyed PG events, including a beautiful summer day by the pool. The afternoon also gave my daughters the chance to meet the bridal party, who quickly became their “best friends.” Once the wedding day rolled around, Dylan and Avery’s excitement was palpa- ble; they could barely contain themselves 8 Terre Haute Living • August 2018 (or their voices) as we watched Raeann walk down the aisle. And that excitement only grew once we got to the reception. While Raeann and Kaden gracefully moved across the dance floor for their first dance, Dylan, Avery and the cutest little boy with a bow tie all stood on the edge of the dance floor moving along to the music. It was bor- derline embarrassing and I sat on the edge of my seat praying they wouldn’t run out onto the floor or run past the cake table knocking it over. Luckily the wedding traditions went off without a hitch and my kids made it onto the dance floor without incident. As the night – and band – really got going, Ryan connected with former students from South Vermillion and I had the chance to talk to the bride multiple Katie’s daughters, Dylan and Avery, pose with the times, which is sometimes impossi- bride, Raeann Lawson. ble at a large wedding. column usually involves one or two of those Not wanting to miss one of my favorite stories, but with confidence I can say we parts of a wedding – the cake – I sat down came, we saw, we danced, and it was perfect. at our table and watched my girls dance Congratulations to Jordan & Cassidy, hand-in-hand with a group of bridesmaids as Courtney & Holden and Raeann & Kaden. I shoved Tiers of Elegance red velvet into my Cheers to a lifetime of memories. And don’t mouth. My girls were adorable on the dance forget to call me when you have kids – I cer- floor; their little faces were overtaken by tainly can’t give you much advice, but I can smiles and they were incorporating dances provide a funny (and disastrous) story. from their dance recital as they rocked out. Every time they caught a glimpse of the Katie Shane is trying bride, they’d dart toward her and pummel to navigate career and her with questions and hugs. family, while staying I finally pulled my family out of the wed- sane. When she’s not ding as we neared the three-hours-past-bed- chasing her two young daughters, Katie enjoys time mark. As we left the parking lot Avery spending time with her let out a sigh saying, “Now that was fun.” We husband, volunteering all shook our heads in agreement, reflecting in the community and on the fun and love we experienced that visiting her hometown evening. of Louisville. Katie can be reached at I know you’ve read to the end waiting for katieshanewriter@gmail.com the disaster story involving my kids, as this tribstar.com/terrehauteliving