Terre Haute Living August 2018 - Page 50

FEATURES Sky’s the limit The U.S. Navy’s Blue Angels preci- sion flight team, with aviators from the Navy and Marines, will fly at this year’s Terre Haute Air Show. (U.S. Navy photo) Terre Haute Air Show to showcase Navy’s Blue Angels B WORDS: DAVID KRONKE illy Werth remembers the first time he flew a plane upside-down. Don’t be alarmed — this wasn’t some crazy whim in an aircraft full of passengers; Werth was taking a fully accredited course on stunt flying with a seasoned professional sitting alongside him. But, suffice it to say, he was amped. “After the first 10 minutes of the flight, I was, ‘Oh, this is it,’” he recalls with a laugh. “I’m tapping my arm — ‘Plug that in — this is what I like. This is awesome. I want to be able to do this as long as I physically can.’” As the pilot of his own stunt show, Werth — who graduated from ISU and still has family and friends in Terre Haute, though he’s now based in Indianapolis (“It’s a homecoming show,” he says) — confesses to being an adrenaline junkie. 50 Terre Haute Living • August 2018 Among new acts announced for the Terre Haute Air Show is the USAF Air Com- bat Command F-22 Raptor, two of which are shown above. (USAF photo) tribstar.com/terrehauteliving