Terre Haute Living August 2018 - Page 41

“We have assets and resources of pride that big cities do ... ” That is when the idea for a website came about, featuring a video series highlighting some of the top attributes of Terre Haute. From there, Mark and his team developed the nonprofit organization Haute Initiative. The website launched in January. “The biggest task was the website,” Mark said. “It was all encompassing. We started a little over a year ago on that. Now, we are getting a lot of sup- port by the community. Just being able to use Haute Initiative as a platform is helpful. Underwriting particular projects is helpful. It is a great oppor- tunity for individuals to promote what they’re doing. Mark created the pilot episode to the site video series at the courthouse downtown, which shared his vision with viewers and provided a market- ing tool, not just for the city, but for the Initiative itself. As a local non- profit, Haute Initiative is dependent on community support to continue to grow. “We donate a lot of our own resources,” Gibson said. “There is so much going on here already, we just need to show people what we have here.” Right now, Haute Initiative is large- ly digital. The company has grown beyond what the Envisionary team expected. The group still hopes to see additional growth within Terre Haute. “I think we could grow into state- wide production and broadcast,” he said. “When we launched I couldn’t believe the impact we had. We were in USA Today and US News and World Report! I just thought it was odd that something like this would have a mark on a national level. I think we are on the cutting edge of some of this. The video series is pretty unique.” Right now Haute Initiative has reached over 45,000 views for the video series. There have been eight ep- isodes YTD. The episodes are focused on concepts that will draw community members in, particularly those that can’t help themselves in the marketing realm from a financial standpoint. Griffin Bike Park is the next episode scheduled to go up in August. “We are working on getting some flyers and additional information that can go into the hands of college students as well,” Gibson said. “The tribstar.com/terrehauteliving Isaac Adams, above and at top, captures footage of a rider at Griffin Bike Park for an upcoming feature. Below and opposite, Mark Gibson and Adams take aerial drone footage of bikers. key to getting some of the community members involved is just to get them the information. There wasn’t really a community calendar, until we came along. We have a pretty big audience in Terre Haute - from college students to out-of-town visitors.” Right now Haute Initia- tive is working to develop an advisory team to help the organization grow. As a 501C-3 nonprofit, commu- nity support is imperative. Those interested in joining or donating to Haute Ini- tiative can contact Gibson at info@thehaute.org. To view the latest of the video series, visit www.terre- haute.com. August 2018 • Terre Haute Living 41