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On the day she sat to chat, she had just come from the LPGA Volvik Championship in Michigan, where she had tied for 10th place in a field of 139 competitors. “You don’t get paid to play golf — you get paid to play really good golf,” she asserts. Her father introduced her and her brother Nathan to the sport when they were children. “My brother started loving golf first — I’d tag along and pick dandelions to start; I wasn’t that interested,” she recalls. “Then my brother started winning local tournaments and getting these little shiny trophies, and I was, ‘Oooh, I think I can do that.’ That motivated me to start practicing.” By age 10, Amy knew she wanted to be a part of the LPGA, when she watched a golfer on TV make a spectacular shot and the crowd went bonkers. “I said, ‘That is what I want to do,’” she says. “But that’s like a kid wanting to be a firefighter, a little kid’s dream, and your dreams change and you don’t end up with the glamorous thing. I was just lucky enough to do what I wanted to do at 10 years old, and to be playing on the Tour that I watched and inspired me.” Their father hired them a golfing coach when Amy was 12 and Nathan 13. The first time she realized she was actually very good at what she loved was when she won the U.S. Junior Girls Championship, the most daunting competition for players under the age of 18, in 2009. “I had dominated in North Dakota, but that was when I thought, ‘This could be a legitimate possibility.’” Olson was home-schooled as a child, graduating at age 16, but enter- ing NDSU — having to take classes taught by paid professionals and play competitive golf simultaneously — didn’t prove to be too big of a challenge for her. “Entering college, the academics were much easier than what our mom put us through,” she remembers, adding, with a laugh, “She was the tough- est professor I ever had. I don’t know how my mom did our GPA, but I had a lower GPA in high school than I did in college.” Grant played football at NDSU (and against the Sycamores he would later coach), and while their paths would cross, it was never for long enough for a relationship to burgeon. “The girl on the golf team was not cool enough — that’s just how it went,” she laughs. Grant begs to differ. “I found out who she was the day I signed my national letter of intent in high school,” he says. “Someone Tweeted something about why NDSU was the greatest place on earth and one of the reasons was that they had the No. 2 ranked women’s golfer in the country, and I remember thinking, ‘That’s pretty cool!’” “I’ve never heard this!” Amy interjects with a delighted laugh. “I’d see her all the time in the magazines and newspaper,” Grant con- tinues. “We both knew more of each other than we knew each other,” Amy adds. VOTED BEST PLACE TO WORK Staff | | Virtusense Experienced Experienced Staff | Virtusense Lymphedema Thera Graston Technique Therapy and Vital Graston Stem | Orthopedic Lymphedema Technique an Neurological Reeducation | Respiratory and Cardia and Vital Stem PLACE | Orthopedic and VOTED BEST TO WORK Rehab Available | Home Evaluations | Hospice Suit Neurological Re-education Experienced Staff | Virtusense | Lymphedema Therapy Respiratory and and Cardiac Rehab Available Graston Technique Vital Stem | Orthopedic and Neurological Reeducation | Respiratory and Cardiac Home Evaluations | Hospice Suites Rehab Available | Home Evaluations | Hospice Suites reported by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services CALL TODAY FOR A TOUR! reported by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services CALL TODAY FOR A TOUR! Signature HealthCARE of Terre Haute 3500 Maple Avenue Signature HealthCARE of Terre Haute Terre Haute, IN Maple 47804 3500 Avenue Terre Haute, IN 47804 (812) 238-1555 (812) 238-1555 SHCof TerreHaute.com SHCof TerreHaute.com 32 Terre Haute Living • August 2018 tribstar.com/terrehauteliving