TERRA NOVA® Nurseries, Inc. 2017/2018 Catalog - Page 89

New Color AS FL SL V A S Heuchera Champagne ('TNHEUCHA') PP27567 PVR This is a stunning plant with medium size leaves changing from peach to gold to champagne-gold with a strong white veil overall. Free-flowering maroon stems with light peach flowers most of the season. Z 4-9  š y ® 11/14/14 2014 Visitor Favorite at Mt. Cuba Center Best of Show 2014 PP&L Heuchera Trials FC A S M HEUCHERA 'CINNABAR SILVER' Heuchera 'Cinnabar Silver' PP18324 EU23083 The best of both worlds... exceptional flowers and color-fast foliage on the same plant. 'Cinnabar Silver' combines a profusion of cinnabar red flowers atop compact mounds of showy metallic silver foliage. Z 4-9   y ® J f 9/13/18 AS SL V A Summer Color HEUCHERA 'DELTA DAWN' Heuchera 'Delta Dawn' 'Delta Dawn' has large, round leaves with red centers in the spring and fall. In summer its red veins are prominent. The gorgeous gold to lime leaf color highlights the venation. Very showy year- round. A strong, vigorous habit. Best in filtered light or part sun. Z 4-9  š y ® f 8/12/14 PP23545 EU35492 HEUCHERA 'DELTA DAWN' 87