TERRA NOVA® Nurseries, Inc. 2017/2018 Catalog - Page 83

Heuchera - LITTLE CUTIES ™ FC V HEUCHERA 'SUGAR BERRY' • Perfect for fairy gardens and rock gardens • Super for point of purchase displays • Can be used as houseplants! • Sell in packs of 3-6 plants M S A FC M • Everblooming habit • Long season of interest • Bred to have vigor and many crowns to fill a pot • Just the right size for mixed containers V S A V S A HEUCHERA 'COCO' Heuchera 'Coco' This sweet, dark chocolate foliaged cutie is a magnificent miniature of Heuchera 'Obsidian', with very nice, light pink flowers. Measuring 6" high and 9" wide with 10" high flower spikes, 'Coco' will charm the most jaded gardener. Very long blooming; great for pots, mixed containers in rock gardens or borders. Z 4-9   y J f i 6/9/10 PP24546 EU39449 Heuchera 'Frost' PP24547 EU39450 (as TNHEUFRO) Well-silvered year-round, 'Frost' has small leaves with dark burgundy veins in the spring, to dark with just a touch of violet the rest of the year. The multiple crowns bloom with short stems of light pink flowers in spring, summer, and fall. 'Frost', will warm your heart. Z 4-9   š y ® J f i 6/8/9 Heuchera 'Sugar Berry' PP24565 EU37059 Oregon produces some of the world's sweetest berries, and our 'Sugar Berry' may just be the world's sweetest Heuch- era. Very berry-violet with dark veins; 'Sugar Berry' is just 6" tall and 9" wide with 10" flower spikes of soft pink. Very showy, very unique. Z 4-9   y ® J f i 6/10/10 FC M HEUCHERA 'FROST' ˜ = Full Sun  = Partial Shade š = Shade x/x/x = Foliage Ht./Foliage Spread/Flowering Ht. in inches R = Fragrant - = Cut Flower ® = Butterfly y = Hummingbird i = House Plant D = Deer Resistant J = Drought Tolerant f = Winter Color 81