TERRA NOVA® Nurseries, Inc. 2017/2018 Catalog - Page 81

• Crisp, wavy margins • All season foliage colors, great winter foliage • 4 colors in the series • Tight habits • House plant tested • Perfect for the front of borders, containers, or as a specimen • Ruffled foliage Heuchera perform well in the North due to the higher percentage of H. micrantha breeding 2014 "TOP PICK" & A Visitor Favorite at Heuchera Trials, Mt. Cuba Center, Del. AS M A HEUCHERA 'BLACKBERRY CRISP' Heuchera 'Apple Crisp' PP23576 EU37047 'Apple Crisp' is blessed with seriously crisped green leaves and a white veil. The combination of a tight, compact habit and short white flowers make our 'Apple Crisp' the "tastiest" you've ever had! Z 4-9   y J f 6/11/11 Heuchera 'Blackberry Crisp' PP22914 EU35418 'Blackberry Crisp' is the first ruffled summer purple. It has a tight, upright habit with leaves that change to deep burgundy in the spring, to deep purple to purple black. Short white flowers in spring add to this appealing gem. Z 4-9   y J f 7/16/17 Heuchera 'Pear Crisp' PP23568 EU37048 Take the warm yellow of sun-ripened pears and apply a crisp ruffle and you have 'Pear Crisp'. Mounds are quite tight and are a wonderful object of interest in a container or at the front of the border. Z 4-9  š y J f 7/10/13 AS M S AS M A Heuchera CRISP ™ Series S HEUCHERA 'APPLE CRISP' 2014 Visitor Favorite at Heuchera Trials, Mt. Cuba Center, Del. AS M S A HEUCHERA 'PEAR CRISP' A Heuchera 'Peach Crisp' PP23309 EU35749 'Peach Crisp' is a visual marvel. With an extremely ruffled peach to amber leaf color, on a tight mound. It works well in a container, as an edger, or a textural color spot. Prefers full sun and good drainage. Z 4-9  y J f 6/14/15 79