TERRA NOVA® Nurseries, Inc. 2017/2018 Catalog - Page 78

Heuchera SODA ™ Series • Heavy bloom in spring and early summer • Very showy flowers due to H. sanguinea and H. cylindrica in their breeding • Warm, earth toned foliage colors • Lovely container plants • Use in mass, as specimens, or in the border Highly Rated (5/5) Penn. State Trials 2014 AS FL V FL AS M A M HEUCHERA 'GRAPE SODA' S A HEUCHERA 'CHERRY COLA' Heuchera 'Cherry Cola' PP22967 EU35419 Front of the border charm with lovely rust red leaves and cherry red flowers. 'Cherry Cola' performs all year-round. Something fizzy for the garden. John Elsley was in awe when he saw it in our show garden. Very long lived. Z 4-9   y ® J - f 6/14/18 FL FC M A Heuchera 'Ginger Ale' PP18173 EU23085 Effervescent flowers in shades of ginger yellow and light pink erupt from soft, ginger colored leaves. Lovely to contrast with the darker coral-bells in the marketplace. Designers love the ability of this plant to complement so many colors. It is a perfect neutral tone. Good in containers and in borders. Z 4-9  š y ® - J f 9/10/18 C HEUCHERA 'GINGER ALE' 2014 Visitor Favorite at Heuchera Trials, Mt. Cuba Center, Del. Spring Color 76 HEUCHERA 'ROOT BEER' AS FL M HEUCHERA 'ROOT BEER' S A Heuchera 'Grape Soda' PP26339 EU43272 Finally, a purple addition to the SODA ™ series! Amazing rose pink spring leaves are followed by lovely light-purple flowers which flower spring through summer. Summer to winter leaves are purple burnished silver. An outstanding container and front of the border type, 'Grape Soda' further illustrates that we have come a long ways in Heuchera breeding. Long lasting flowers make this a dual purpose plant. Z 4-9   š y ® J f i 9/20/18 Heuchera 'Root Beer' PP23173 EU35428 Lovely root beer colored foliage combined with creamy yellow flowers. 'Root Beer' forms a mound of color year-round and is sure to charm you with its spring bloom. Very long lived. Z 4-9   y ® - J f 6/14/18