TERRA NOVA® Nurseries, Inc. 2017/2018 Catalog - Page 77

Heuchera 'Havana' PP22087 EU32333 With high contrasting, showy dense wands of cerise pink flowers above yellow-lime leaves veiled in white. 'Havana' has a compact form and a reblooming habit which makes it an excellent pot plant. This is a plant that actually prefers shade, so keep it out of the sun. A few hours of morning sun is fine. Short flowering stems will fit most rack systems. Z 4-9 š y ® 7/12/14 Heuchera 'Tokyo' PP27363 EU46417 A great summer shade accent, Heuchera 'Tokyo' surprises you with its show of red blooms in July. This large tight mound of lime green foliage has proven amazingly tough - beating out diseases and heat. The flowers arrive in July and last through October in Oregon. Z 4-9 ˜  y ® J f - 10/21/15 FC M A S C AS FL SL V HEUCHERA 'HAVANA' Heuchera 'Paris' PP18881 EU25269 This free-flowering Heuchera has white-veiled green leaves that give rise to continuous columns of large, deep rose-colored flowers. Repeat blooms until frost with a single bloomstem lasting for 2 months. Excellent in containers or the shade border. It lights up the shade garden year-round. Performed well as an indoor plant. Z 4-9  y ® - J f 7/14/14 Heuchera 'Rio' PP24273 EU37061 A multicolored plant named for a vibrant city. Leaves open peach-amber, change to amber, then to tan, and finally to yellow amber. Lovely at every season. Beautiful, short maroon flower spikes with white flowers. A large and vigorous plant that is a great garden performer and a container star. Z 4-9 ˜  y ® J f 9/14/14 Heuchera 'Vienna' PP23308 EU35440 Heuchera 'Vienna' is a bastion of artful traits; compact plants that produce a multitude of rose pink flowers on tight spikes. The plant continues to rebloom over veiled, multitoned, orange red leaves. This plant can be a centerpiece )͵аȁȁѥɽѡ)͍=ȁ 䃊Mɥ̰ݡ)ɔѕȁѡȁЁ́饹)ݕȸ)hд ` (ܼԼ))!U !IQ=-e<) ́ѥսͱ)ɽMɥѥ)0 L))Mɥ) )!U !IAI%L)Mɥ)Mյȁ) 4)X))!U !II%<)0 )X)L4)!U !IY%99+ `ձMո AѥM hM!иMɕݕɥ!и́HɅɅЀ Ёݕ+ ѕə!յɐ!͔AЁȁIͥхЁ(ɽ՝ЁQɅЁ]ѕȁ (