TERRA NOVA® Nurseries, Inc. 2017/2018 Catalog - Page 76

Heuchera CITY ™ Collection • Bred to rebloom • Very showy flowers due to H. sanguinea and H. cylindrica in their breeding • Front of the border evergreen perennials • Showy foliage colors for winter color • Great container plants that mix well with other component plants • Use in mass, as specimens, or in the border FC M S HEUCHERA 'GOTHAM' Heuchera 'Gotham' PP24290 EU39451 Named for a dark city with its obsidian-black leaves. Heuchera 'Gotham' is a compact plant. It fills a pot quickly and flowers all spring, summer, and fall with primrose yellow flowers that stand out like the moon on a dark night. Good in a container or as an edger in the landscape. Z 4-9 ˜  y ® J f 6/10/11 Heuchera 'Milan' PP21682 EU29065 Milan is all about fashion and so is this charmer with constant bloom of lovely warm pink flowers on short stems over tight mounds of small silver leaves (with a maroon blush when cool). Very flashy! A great show in the front of the border or en masse. Z 4-9 ˜  y ® J f 9/18/14 Heuchera 'Shanghai' PP21859 EU29067 Tight mounds of silvery-purple leaves set forth white flowers on dark stems. 'Shanghai' had the best foliage through the worst winter in the last 40 years at the TERRA NOVA ® test gardens. Ice, snow and rain didn't faze it! As Shanghai is a beacon to China, so Heuchera 'Shanghai' can be an inviting beacon of metallic silver to your garden. Reblooms all summer. Z 4-9 ˜  y ® J f 10/12/18 74 FC M A HEUCHERA 'SHANGHAI' FC M A S HEUCHERA 'MILAN' S