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Heuchera Breakthrough Breeding • The first ruffled dark leaf Heuchera ('Chocolate Ruffles') • The first amber foliage Heuchera ('Amber Waves') • The first always black foliage Heuchera ('Obsidian') • The first red foliage Heuchera ('Fire Chief', 'Autumn Leaves', 'Fire Alarm') • The first "always purple" foliage Heuchera (FOREVER ™ Purple) • The first "always red" foliage Heuchera (FOREVER ™ Red) • The first to have Heuchera which bloom spring through fall ('Paris') Heuchera are North American Natives Native Species Locations cylindrica sanguinea americana • H. americana - Takes extremes of heat and cold. A durable beauty forms a great habit and fascinating leaf patterns. • H. villosa - Loves heat. Grows in a wide variety of climates. Takes humidity very well. • H. micrantha - The source of ruffled and curled foliage that maintains its form into the winter. This fantastic winter foliage helps to protect the crown from freezing winds. Native to the west coast, this species also imparts the best tolerance to heavy wet soil. • H. cylindrica - Compact wand flowers and habit. Imparts ability to survive harsh temperature extremes and drying winds. • H. sanguinea - Drought and heat tolerant beyond belief. We owe our superb flower color range to this New Mexican native. • H. richardsonii - Leaves resembling a Pelargonium hortorum. Grows in a wide variety of climates, including the prairies of Canada. villosa richardsonii TERRA NOVA ® Heuchera The Pros: • Exciting, bright, clear colored foliage • World's broadest selection • Plugs finish fast for container planting • Shapely mounding habit • Great flowering habit, many reblooming types • House plant varieties • Months of color • Good profit • American native • Clear guidelines for culture The Low Down: • Low water usage • Low fertilizer needs • Low pesticide use • Low growth habit The order of the codes indicates the species' stronger influence. Our customers asked us to end the confusion of what Heuchera are best for their climate and region. To meet this challenge we developed the following "Key to your success with Heuchera." • • • • • • americana micrantha villosa • (FC) - Front & Center - Rebloomers with a smaller, A M V tighter habit that is great for HEUCHERA FOREVER RED (Page 71) smaller pot sizes or the front of the border • (AS) - All Star - Medium stature, multipurpose, can Front & Center be used in all situations All Star • (FL) - Flowering - Plants with exceptional flowering Flowering • (L) - Landscape - Largest plants that are more Landscape spreading and suitable for landscape applications • (NL) - Northern Landscape - Large landscape Northern Landscape plant good for the northern climates, mostly ruffled Southern Landscape • (SL) - Southern Landscape - Large landscape plant, most with H. villosa breeding, good in heat and humidity ™ 68 micrantha (A) - americana (V) - villosa (M) - micrantha (C) - cylindrica (S) - sanguinea (R) - richardsonii HEUCHERA NORTHERN EXPOSURE ™ SILVER (Page 72) SL NL L FL AS FC