TERRA NOVA® Nurseries, Inc. 2017/2018 Catalog - Page 61

EUCOMIS 'OAKHURST' EUPHORBIA 'JADE DRAGON' Eucomis comosa 'Oakhurst' Strap-like burgundy foliage and pineapple-like stalks of creamy flowers. Originally found in a San Diego Nursery, this deep-purple leafed novelty has loved blazing sun there for nearly 20 years. It has a tropical look and combines well in mixed containers. Also, it lasts an amazing 21 days as a cut flower! Z 5-10 ˜  J - 24/20/32 Eucomis TERRA NOVA ® 'Zulu Flame' TERRA NOVA ® 'Zulu Flame' has darker purple leaves than Eucomis 'Oakhurst' with a much improved habit. The broader, thicker foliage never flops and the flowers are darker on shorter stalks. TERRA NOVA ® 'Zulu Flame' will add a tropical touch without any fuss. Hardy to at least zone 6, this vigorous, cold tolerant gem should find its way into a featured garden spot or a special pot from coast to coast. Z 6-10 ˜  J - 20/24/30 Euphorbia 'Jade Dragon' This evergreen has long, blue-green leaves that emerge red-purple in the spring. 'Jade Dragon' is robust, compact, bushy, and deer resistant. The summer blooming flower heads are huge and bright chartreuse. 'Jade Dragon' came from a cross between E. characias ssp. wulfenii and E. amygdaloides 'Rubra'. Z 6-10 ˜ D J 36/30/40 EUCOMIS 'ZULU FLAME' ˜ = Full Sun  = Partial Shade š = Shade x/x/x = Foliage Ht./Foliage Spread/Flowering Ht. in inches R = Fragrant - = Cut Flower ® = Butterfly y = Hummingbird i = House Plant D = Deer Resistant J = Drought Tolerant f = Winter Color 59