TERRA NOVA® Nurseries, Inc. 2017/2018 Catalog - Page 59

"Top Performer" Greenleaf Trials, Penn. 2013 Echinacea SUPREME ™ 'Elegance' PP24926 EU43233 Stately and elegant, SUPREME ™ Elegance' was the inspiration for the series. A lovely, deep rose-red center enriches as the flower ages. The ray petals are star-like and are a bright mauve pink that deepen in color also. Very lovely and very elegant, a top notch garden plant.m Z 4-10 ˜ ® R D J 30/19/34 Echinacea SUPREME ™ 'Flamingo' PP24898 EU43234 Very rich, coral and shrimp-pink colors combine for a most unbelievable flower. Fully, double with complementary ray petals of rosy copper, makes SUPREME ™ Flamingo' a garden beacon, matching perfectly with the other SUPREME ™ . Each one's a garden diva without attitude. Z 4-10 ˜ ® R D J 26/15/30 57