TERRA NOVA® Nurseries, Inc. 2017/2018 Catalog - Page 56

27" "Top Performer" at the University of Tenn. in 2013 ECHINACEA 'VANILLA CUPCAKE' Echinacea 'Vanilla Cupcake' PP24506 EU40947 Lovely, double, white anemone-shaped flowers top a plant with an upright, compact habit. Great branching produces Echinacea 'Colorburst Orange' PP24524 PVR multiple stems of bloom. These are the perfect plants for 'Colorburst Orange' has it all - lovely double orange flowers and a medium short, well-branched habit. The anemone type double flowers open with centers that are dark green, then more limegreen, the middle of the border and strong stems mean no staking will be needed. Great vigor and bloom power. and then orange. First year plants are multistemmed. Excellent vigor. Flowers are very large and Z 4-10 ˜ y ® R D J 19/16/22 stems are extra strong. A very exciting Echinacea. Z 4-10 ˜ y ® R - D J 14/22/28 ECHINACEA 'COLORBURST ORANGE' 54 Echinacea CARA MIA ™ Rose ('TNECHCMR') PPAF With its exceptional crown count, CARA MIA ™ Rose is a blooming machine. It has wonderful anemone-shaped, raspberry-pink flowers. Blooms come on early and keep on coming until frost. We were amazed with the number of flowers on this plant with such a low, dense, compact habit. The extremely early bloom time is another bonus. Z 4-10 ˜ y ® R - D J 20/21/27