TERRA NOVA® Nurseries, Inc. 2017/2018 Catalog - Page 52

50 "Top Performer" Award, Colorado State University 2014 Echinacea 'Leilani' PP23526 EU38271 'Leilani' glows with its clear, yellow flowers that bloom from summer to fall. The name "Leilani" is well suited to this elegant plant as it means "royal child of heaven." It has a strongly upright habit that doesn't require any staking. Use en masse for the border, in a mixed bed, and as a cut flower. Winning accolades all over for its beauty and long bloom time. Z 4-10 ˜ y ® R D J 36/30/40 Echinacea 'Maui Sunshine' PP22808 EU32331 Large bright yellow flowers, sweetly scented and floriferous. Mature flowers are a soft yellow. This vigorous plant is well branched with strong, upright stems. Showy orange cones with green backgrounds (great for cutting and drying). Z 4-10 ˜ y ® R D J 24/36/33