TERRA NOVA® Nurseries, Inc. 2017/2018 Catalog - Page 4

TERRA NOVA ® - NEW PLANTS FOR 2017/2018 Agastache 'Morello' Begonia 'Citra' Begonia DANCING PEACOCK ™ ('TNBEGDP') Begonia HOLIDAY ™ 'Jolly Holly' Amazingly huge, dense inflorescences of deep burgundy rose that bloom from spring through fall. This vigorous trailer is always in bloom with vibrant, semi-double flowers. Large, bushy habit with medium large, palmate leaves that are wildly colored in rose purple, silver, and olive green. Bright, shiny, holly-like leaves embossed with silver. The small red flowers add extra cheer. (Page 18) (Page 154) (Page 158) (Page 155) Begonia HOLIDAY ™ 'Silver Bells' Begonia HOLIDAY ™ 'Snowflake' Begonia HOLIDAY ™ 'Spirit' Begonia NAUTILUS ™ Exotic Elegant, silver-topped leaves that sparkle like shiny ornaments. Prolific and easy to grow. A medium, mounding plant with lush, snowflake-shaped foliage. Leaves are a shiny silver with a mint green center. This lovely begonia has leaves that look quilted. Each textural leaf is silver white with a dark star pattern in the center. Super cute, deeply swirled leaves, Lilac- pink, magenta and silver swirl about for a most unique show. (Page 155) (Page 155) (Page 155) (Page 156) Begonia NAUTILUS ™ Lilac Begonia NAUTILUS ™ Moonlit Begonia NAUTILUS ™ Ruby Begonia NAUTILUS ™ Supreme Violet-r H[XK\\HXYB][Y]HHX[KHXY[\\\H\Y[\Y H]X]\]\[XY\\˂HX]\\H[\ۈ[YۈBH\HXZ[[Hˈݙ[KYY][H\KXHHX]\]XZ[]H\[XY\K\H[۝Z[\[YH܈] X][H\Y[[YX]\ˈB^Z[X[][ۈو[Y\[ܙY[]KXH[X\ۋYH MMH YH MMH YH MMH YH MMBYۚXHQHSS8(X\YۚXHPH8([\YۚXHV8( \\ ]\THՐH0 \]X\“ݙ[K[\]K\YHX]\]\\HY\[Z[˂ܛ\HY [HX] \[\X[YۚXH\Y X\KB\YX]\و[Z[ܙY[[[\]]K\ܙY[\[H[[]XYK\Y[Y]ܙX[HܙYˈX[X]]X[ \[\YX]\]\HY YYܙY[ [ \HԜ˂YH MN H YH MM H YH MMH YH M