TERRA NOVA® Nurseries, Inc. 2017/2018 Catalog - Page 30

22" 28 100% Winter Survival at 2015-16 University of Minnesota- Over- wintering Trial COREOPSIS 'IMPERIAL SUN' COREOPSIS 'BUTTERMILK' Coreopsis 'Buttermilk' This hardy new hybrid of C. verticillata has light yellow flowers in a neat, upright-mounding habit. It has a clean look in the garden and is a great blender plant for mixed beds, containers or mass plantings. Z 5-10  ® 15/25/17 PP27396 PVR Coreopsis 'Imperial Sun' PP25404 EU41042 Amazingly bright, sunny gold flowers cover this plant in masses and waves of continuous color. Clean, deep green foliage is the perfect foil for the flowers... when the foliage is visible. Blessed with a perfect habit, this extra hardy garden marvel is very much at home in a container or a long lived garden feature. Coreopsis verticillata breeding makes this mildew resistant selection ultra-hardy. Z 5-10  ® 18/22/20 Coreopsis 'Bengal Tiger' PP25345 EU41041 Fiery flowers glow red and gold, like tiger eyes, on this gorgeous garden STAR. Extra hardy Coreopsis verticillata breeding makes this a star for every area of the U.S. 'Bengal Tiger' has a clean, manicured habit and feathery, mildew-resistant foliage that brings our breeding program up a notch against the competition. A constant performer for garden and containers. Z 5-10  ® 20/24/22