TERRA NOVA® Nurseries, Inc. 2017/2018 Catalog - Page 29

Coreopsis 'Lightning Bug' PP27361 PVR This brightly colored Coreopsis is covered with large, red-eyed, gold flowers. The self-cleaning blooms cover the top of the low, compact habit (similar to 'Firefly'). Loved by bees and butterflies. Z 5-10  ® 10/15/12 Coreopsis 'Madras Magic' PPAF PVR This newest introduction to the MAJARAJA ™ series of C. verticillata type Coreopsis has flowers that are two-toned burgundy with light pink tips. The advantages are the hardiness, the clean, manicured habit, the extremely long bloom time, and the feathery, mildew resistant foliage. Z 5-10  ® 14/20/16 Coreopsis HONEYBUNCH ™ Red & Gold ('TNCORHRG') PPAF This lovely Coreopsis verticillata hybrid has the best habit ever. It forms a with masses of red and gold bicolor flowers that bloom all summer. Delightful. Z 5-10  ® 10/15/12 27