TERRA NOVA® Nurseries, Inc. 2017/2018 Catalog - Page 25

Winter Foliage BERGENIA DRAGONFLY ™ 'ANGEL KISS' Bergenia DRAGONFLY ™ 'Angel Kiss' Soft, sweet, semi-double, white to light pink flowers in great abundance give value to an old garden favorite. A perfect companion to 'Pink Dragonfly'. DRAGONFLY ™ 'Angel Kiss' is just as easy to grow, and really lights up an early spring garden with grace and sophistication. Winter foliage is a very dark wine-red. In early spring, it's the perfect contrasting foil for the charming flowers that emerge snow white and then take on a light pink glow. Very choice, very easy. Z 4-9   y - D J f 10/12/15 Bergenia 'Flirt' PP26355 EU44846 Petite foliage and oversized flowers quickly sum up this new Bergenia that you'll cherish. 'Flirt' has tailored upright leaves on an erect but compact clump. A one year old plant of Bergenia 'Flirt' had over thirty flower spikes in the spring! It features gorgeous fall and winter color and is super easy to grow. Z 4-9   y D J f 6/9/10 Great for Impulse Sales BERGENIA 'FLIRT' 100% Winter Survival at 2015-16 University of Minnesota- Overwintering Trial Bergenia 'Spring Fling' PP26337 EU44845 Witness some of the most exciting work done with the easiest to grow perennial ever! 'Spring Fling' forms a large, fairly tight and upright plant that blooms so heavily, it could be mistaken as an Azalea from a distance. It has branched flowering stems, which equals more flowers. 'Spring Fling's' foliage turns satiny purple- black in the fall and winter and is a gorgeous foil for the shocking, magenta-pink flowers. Z 4-9   y - D J f 12/12/24 Winter Foliage BERGENIA 'SPRING FLING' BERGENIA 'SPRING FLING' 23