TERRA NOVA® Nurseries, Inc. 2017/2018 Catalog - Page 191

Ordering Information ORDERING: • Place your orders by fax, phone or e-mail. • 4 flat minimum per order. Only 72 cell flats may contain two varieties (no surcharge for half flat orders). • We are wholesale only and do not have the ability to accommodate orders that do not meet our minimums. • Please allow at least a 9-month lead-time on custom and/or large orders. • Large orders may require a 30 % down payment and an additional 30 % payment 30 days prior to shipping; the remaining balance due within the terms on the invoice. • Our goal is to ship the majority of your order(s) at the same time. However, not all plants are created equal and do not grow at the same rate, therefore orders may have multiple ship dates. • It is our policy to back order all material that is unavailable at the time of shipment; each shipment will incur individual freight and boxing charges. Please let us know at time of ordering if you do not wish to have items back ordered. • Tags will be automatically added to plant orders unless informed differently. Customers can request that no tags be sent with their plant order if they are utilizing a branded plant label that contains the pertinent plant information. i.e. plant name, plant patent. PRICES: We reserve the right to change our prices at any time. Catalog pricing is valid from 7/1/2017- 6/30/2018. Pricing is based upon ship date of product. DISCOUNTS: Early order discount available for orders booked 6 months prior to ship date. TERMS: • All accounts will be cash in advance until credit is approved. • Visa/MasterCard are accepted. Please phone or fax this information. • Open accounts are payable within the terms stated upon each invoice. A finance charge of 1.5 % per month is charged to all account balances not paid within the terms. • We reserve the right to change account terms and delay any and all shipments if conditions of the account are not met. • Accounts with a balance of over 90 days will become cash only unconditionally. • Returned checks are subject to a $ 25 fee. • There is a fee for any wired funds, foreign or domestic. • All orders must be paid in U.S. dollars. RESTOCK/CANCELLATION POLICY: • Customers canceling within two weeks prior to ship date will be required to pay a cancellation fee of 50 % of the cancelled order. • All Will Call orders not picked up within the designated time frame will be charged a restocking fee of 15 % of the cancelled order. CURRENT AVAILABILITY: This information is updated daily on our website at www.terranovanurseries.com. If you don't have access to a computer, call your sales representative for an updated listing. Contact Information HOURS: Monday - Friday H Ό[H H Ό H]\^H [^H HYӑN LMKNM L܈ L LLMLSTV L LLMLSTSPRS[\\[ݘ[\\Y\˘BQTΈ L LHˈXX؝\ [KԈM LSSԓPUSӎ[[(H[\ ̎ (H[\  L(H\\ M ]\[](HM]\[] ̈]Z[[][JBԓPSSΈY[H\HXZ][[]Y[\[X\[\[[HX^BXZ]HܛX[[X]\X[ \H][HX\HX\Y]ԓTSTY]XX[[X[ۜˈ[ܙH[ܛX][ۈX]H\H[[[وܛX[X]\X[[H[ۈ\X]H˝\[ݘ[\\Y\˘H܈H[[\[\‘\\Y[] LMKNM L QTPTS΂Yܙ\΂(HY]Y^(H[\N  \](H[\[\N  ˍL\[]ܙ\΂(H[]Έ ^HY^^\ZY(H[]\\  KH\]H\ː[Kԋ[[\ܙ\H[XYY[[] THՐH0\\Y\\H[\ۜXK[[\]Z\[XX[\H[HX\Y]HԓTSTX[ ܜ\ۙ[[X[ۜ[Y[H SSX\Hܙ[]H[[[ܙ\]H\[\\Y[] LMKNM L XZH[\[Y[ [[\\H[ۙ^H HY^HBΌ[H H Ό K[H\HY]\^\[[^\ˈ[H[\X]\]H܈[[][ۜ]\HXYH]X\ H^\[܈HY[YX]\ [[[ܙ\XY\][H\Yۘ]Y[YH[YH[H\YH\[YBو MH HوH[[Yܙ\SQPSTSΈH\\\]\H[XY[۝X[ܛX][ۈݚYY]H[YH[ܙ\\XY [ܙ\]\ۜ\و[]و[X]\X[ H\ː[Kԋ[[\ܙ\H[XYY[[]܈[]Hܙ\TBՐH0\\Y\\H[\ۜXKY][ۘ[Y\[\Y[\[΂(B(B(B(B(B(B\[Y]ΈY^[\][ۘ[ ܝ\[Y[[\N  \][\[\N  ˍL\[]\\  KH\]ܙYۈ][]\H\YX]HYN  MK [ZX[\X][ۈYH Y\]Z\Y N  K [[YH \\]H[\[YX[ݙ\Y[Y[HY\\HB\ۜX[]HوH\Y\Y[[\ܝ\Z]\\]Z\Y ]\H\ۜX[]HوH\Y\؝Z[ۙH[ݚYHHHYܙH[ܙ\\ˈHؘ[Y[[X\]HXY\]HYB[X]X[\Xۈ[\ܝ ^ܝY\˂STUSӐSTSΈHۙ\\]YHوܝ[Y\XK\[[\]]Bܙ\[\XHTHՐH0\\Y\X\H\]\X]H܈H\ق\܈\X]ܜX\[KUSΈ[]]ܚ^YY][ۈو\Y]Y\]\H][Y\XHX]Y \H\Y]Y\\HY[YYYH܈ ]\X[][ KY[H\H[BY][XX]\X[ [H[H^XY\H[\[^HH[]]BYKSRSTΈTHՐH0\\Y\\[Z]Y\[H\H\]X[]B[HH[YXY[Y]]Z[XK\[\YY]\ؚX]H]]\Bܙ\[Z[\]\HۙY[][ ̈\وXZ\و\Y[YHBܚ][YX][ۈوۘ\[XYX]Z[܈\XܙˈݚY[ܘ\][\\]Y\܈HܙY][[YYH\[X^H[[X][HHX\\B[[^HHZ[KTQTRSTΈH]\XZ]HYX][ۈ][ \[Y[X\\و[[XYYXY[[۝[ˈTHՐH0]\\HZ[H܈[H\Y[\Yۈ\X[\H[ۛ܈[H\Y\Z[H[XHXZ]H[H[ܛX][ۈ[ܘ\\]Z\YHH\Y\˂ԓTSTHQUΈ[\HY]\HYۈ\X]H[\[\[X[ۈX[\\H]Z[XH\\]ܛ[]Y\[ۜˈ[\X\\\]\KRQQTΈ۝XH[\\\Y[\[H\