TERRA NOVA® Nurseries, Inc. 2017/2018 Catalog - Page 183

2016 Marketing Metrics TERRA NOVA ® Nurseries works hard to ensure that our varieties receive the attention they deserve. These metrics track company name mentions, variety name mentions, personnel- quoted insights, references to personnel or breeding expertise, and / or other company content in published print, online, digital, blogs, and / or e-newsletter content. Trade Media • 357* placements • 2,300,000 estimated impressions Consumer Media • 700* placements • 41,600,000 estimated impressions Product Profile Promotions TERRA NOVA ® is bringing their customers a useful marketing tool - The Individual Product Profile. These profiles present the following in a graphically clean display: • Sharp photography in close-ups, landscape use, flower shots and seasonal interest shots • Bullet points that cover the plant's top selling points and cultural information • Available in Photoshop format so you can customize content and logos From farmer's market to large nursery, these signs can be silent salespeople, saving your staff valuable time. They can be printed as flyers to promote a specific plant or be presented in a PowerPoint ™ format to augment talks given at the nursery. Grower Recipes Growers have approached us at our presentations for more growing information. We listened. Finish Times, Recommended Pot Size Grower Information We've cooked up a great gift for growers - Grower Recipes. We want all growers to be successful, and to do so, we put together a succinct page for each plant we offer. Each page contains the following information: • Finish times and recommended pot sizes • Detailed growing information • Close up, landscape, and gallon container photography These pages will be available on our website, www.terranovanurseries.com and will be in a format that can be easily converted to PowerPoint ™ files to keep on hand or train other growers. Close-Up Pictures 181