TERRA NOVA® Nurseries, Inc. 2017/2018 Catalog - Page 174

COLEUS TERRA NOVA ® 'MAHARAJA' COLEUS TERRA NOVA ® 'MARRAKESH' 172 COLEUS TERRA NOVA ® 'MAGIC SPELL' Coleus TERRA NOVA ® 'Magic Spell' (Plectranthus) TERRA NOVA ® 'Magic Spell' is a small trailer-mounder with fuchsia to cream leaves with green edges. Great for hanging baskets, groundcovers and mixed containers. Self-branching. Z 10-11 ˜  š 10/24/-- Coleus TERRA NOVA ® 'Maharaja' (Plectranthus) TERRA NOVA ® 'Maharaja' has leaves of a deep oxblood burgundy with a gold edge on many branches. It is a multipurpose plant that is great in the garden, in containers with larger plants, or as a basket-plant. Z 10-11  š 12/30/-- Coleus TERRA NOVA ® 'Marrakesh' (Plectranthus) Impeccable habit and unusually shaped leaves make this another distinctive choice for a multi-season foliage annual. This coleus is self-branching and never in need of a pinch. 'Marrakesh' has an exotic appearance and stays neat all season-long. Amber, copper, lime, and dark crimson complement so many colors in a container or garden. Saffron, paprika, and a myriad of old world spices whirl together on this most unique plant. Bold enough to stand alone, but plays well with others. Our original plant only had one short flower spike in a full year! Z 10-11 ˜  š 16/30/-- COLEUS TERRA NOVA ® 'MYSTIC LIGHT' Coleus TERRA NOVA ® 'Mystic Light' (Plectranthus) TERRA NOVA ® 'Mystic Light' forms a tight, upright mound. Leaves are a creamy peach color with dark pink centers and green edges. This plant glows in the morning light. Great for mixed containers. Self-branching. Z 10-11 ˜  š 12/30/--