TERRA NOVA® Nurseries, Inc. 2017/2018 Catalog - Page 173

COLEUS TERRA NOVA ® 'FIONA' COLEUS TERRA NOVA ® 'LAVISH LIME' COLEUS TERRA NOVA ® 'GREEN LANTERN' COLEUS TERRA NOVA ® 'LUMEN' Coleus TERRA NOVA ® 'Green Lantern' (Plectranthus) The only trailing Coleus with lime foliage! With a full habit and fresh, tangy green ruffled foliage it's a new twist on easy to grow, easy to love foliage plants. A brilliant choice for combo baskets in the shade. An amazing foliage foil for Fuchsias, Impatiens, Begonias and more! Sun tolerant too (best acid lime color with some afternoon shade). Z 10-11  š 10/24/-- Coleus TERRA NOVA ® 'Jitters' (Plectranthus) 'Jitters' has a vigorous, self-branching, mounding habit. Green and cream leaves marked with hot pink centers and specks. Lovely late season medium blue flowers in short spikes. Z 10-11 ˜  š 18/18/-- Coleus TERRA NOVA ]\[YI X[\BTHՐH0 ]\[YI\HY [[[XY\][YBX]\X\Y]\[KܙX]܈[[\]ܛ[ݙ\˜[Z^Y۝Z[\ˈ[X[[ˈ L LLH0;0 M N KB]\THՐH0 [Y[ X[\BTHՐH0 [Y[\HYY][H[[[X][[YHX]\]ܙX[^H[\ˈܙX]܈[[\]ܛ[ݙ\[Z^Y۝Z[\ˈ[X[[ˈ L LLH0;0 M N KBS]\THՐH0 њ[ۘI X[\Bњ[ۘI\H\XY[X]]H]ۙYX]\]YYX\[ˈܙX][X[[X] K\H[[[\]܈ܛ[ݙ\ L LLH;0K KBUTTHՐH0 ҒUT°H[[;H\X[YH0HYH HXYH ћXYHXY ћ\[ [[\HYܘ[ HH]\H]\HHH[[Z[ؚ\HH\H[HY\\\[HY\[H[\܂M