TERRA NOVA® Nurseries, Inc. 2017/2018 Catalog - Page 172

COLEUS TERRA NOVA ® 'ALLSPICE' COLEUS COOL VIBES ™ 'MELLOW'  COLEUS TERRA NOVA ® 'BRIGHT SPARK' COLEUS TERRA NOVA ® 'ALLSPICE' Coleus COOL VIBES ™ 'Mellow' (Plectranthus) Forms a round ball with small lime leaves with jagged edges. Make a cute container plant, hanging basket, or edger. Excellent self- branching habit. Z 10-11 ˜  š 20/20/-- 170 Coleus TERRA NOVA ® 'Allspice' (Plectranthus) This vigorous spreader has narrow khaki leaves with dark maroon centers. It is perfect to hanging baskets, ground covers, and large mixed containers. Self-branching. Z 10-11  š 16/30/-- COLEUS TERRA NOVA ® 'CUCKOO' Coleus TERRA NOVA ® 'Bright Spark' (Plectranthus) This low spreader is self-branching with brightly colored foliage of gold triangular, lobed leaves with red centers. Slow to flower. Short lavender blue flower late in the season. Could be used as a low mounding annual groundcover. Z 10-11 ˜  š 9/36/-- Coleus TERRA NOVA ® 'Cuckoo' (Plectranthus) 'Cuckoo' has the most uniquely lobed foliage; nearly palmate with a few extra fingers here and there. Each crazy leaf has an deep red base and a brilliant gold-lime border. Its natural form is a full, eye- pleasing mound, without a single pinch or drop of PGR. Baskets, bowls, beds - it's all the same if you're 'Cuckoo'. Z 10-11 ˜  š 16/24/-- COLEUS TERRA NOVA ® 'ELECTRIC SLIDE' Coleus TERRA NOVA ® 'Electric Slide' (Plectranthus) What could be better than an easy to grow Coleus that is equally at home in a bed or a hanging basket? With a strong, canary-yellow background, shocking red veins and a ruffled emerald edge, it's hard to keep your eyes off. Naturally neat and compact, very shy flowering with short violet blue flowers late in the season. Z 10-11 ˜  š 23/36/--