TERRA NOVA® Nurseries, Inc. 2017/2018 Catalog - Page 160

EW BEGONIA SHADE ANGEL ™ 'AURORA' BEGONIA SHADE ANGEL 'PEARL' ™ NEW Begonia SHADE ANGEL 'Pearl' Lovely, silver white, blushed rose leaves with dark purple edges and veins. Forms a tight, dense habit. Compact and vigorous. Elegant in a garden or a container. Wow! Z 8-11 š i 18/32/-- Begonia SHADE ANGEL ™ 'Aurora' PP25855 EU43388 ('Aura') Aurora' is unlike any previous Begonia breeding. As easy as an old fashioned Angel Wing, but with the TERRA NOVA ® twist. Indoors or out, this is a standout! Absolutely iridescent foliage in aquamarine, lavender, raspberry pink and cream overlaid with mother-of-pearl. Wow! Z 9-11 š i 18/18/12 ™ BEGONIA 'FIREWORKS' Begonia 'Fireworks' Kartuz Nursery Deep metallic, paisley purple bands encircle an iridescent silver-white center that is undeniably striking. Great pink flowers add to the appeal. This plant did especially well in our display gardens in amended garden soil. Not as picky as a Rex and shows great vigor. Upright habit. This is a TERRA NOVA ® virus- 158 free clone. AGM (Award of Garden Merit). Z 10-11 š i 10/18/16 BEGONIA DANCING PEACOCK ™ NEW Begonia DANCING PEACOCK Begonia DANCING PEACOCK ™ has a large, bushy habit with medium large, palmate leaves that are wildly colored in rose purple, silver, and olive green. Use in large containers inside or out, or in summer shade borders. Z 8-11 š i 24/28/-- ™ ('TNBEGDP')