TERRA NOVA® Nurseries, Inc. 2017/2018 Catalog - Page 157

Begonia HOLIDAY ™ Collection • 9-18"/16-28"/--" • Z 9-11 š i • Colors compliment holiday sales • Upright, well-branched habit • Can be shipped cool • Vigorous and easy to grow BEGONIA HOLIDAY ™ 'JOLLY HOLLY' BEGONIA HOLIDAY ™ 'SILVER BELLS' NEW Begonia HOLIDAY 'Jolly Holly' Begonia HOLIDAY ™ 'Jolly Holly' has bright, shiny, holly-like leaves embossed with silver. The small red flowers add extra cheer. The male flowers formed in winter never open and resemble holly berries. Z 9-11 š i 17/22/19 PPAF ™ NEW Begonia HOLIDAY 'Silver Bells' ™ Begonia HOLIDAY 'Silver Bells' has elegant, silver-topped leaves that sparkle like shiny ornaments. The narrow and deeply cut leaves are held by pink stems and form a dense habit. Prolific and easy to grow. Z 9-11 š i 9/16/-- PPAF ™ A - BEGONIA HOLIDAY ™ 'SNOWFLAKE' ™ NEW Begonia HOLIDAY 'Snowflake' A medium, mounding plant with lush, snowflake-shaped foliage. Leaves are a shiny sterling silver with a mint green center. Showy pink to salmon flowers in abundance. Beautiful in a combo with red and white Poinsettias. Z 8-11 š i 17/15/-- PPAF BEGONIA HOLIDAY ™ 'SPIRIT' PPAF ™ NEW Begonia HOLIDAY 'Spirit' This lovely begonia has leaves that look quilted. Each textural leaf is silver white with a dark star pattern in the center. It forms a large, upright mound with many crowns. Z 9-11 š i 18/28/-- 155