TERRA NOVA® Nurseries, Inc. 2017/2018 Catalog - Page 153

Veronica VENTURE ™ Blue ('TNVERVB') PPAF PVR Veronica VENTURE ™ Blue stands out from other Veronica in three main ways: 1) great garden performance, 2) intermediate plant size, not too small or too big, and 3) mildew resistant foliage. In addition it has lovely purple blue flowers in narrow spikes, excellent branching, a dense compact spreading habit, and excellent vigor. Z 4-8 ˜ ® D 11/22/13 100% Winter Survival at 2015-16 University of Minnesota- Overwintering Trial 100% Winter Survival at 2015-16 University of Minnesota- Overwintering Trial VERONICA 'AZTEC GOLD' Veronica prostrata 'Aztec Gold' PP13354 EU13144 Brilliant gold foliage spreads in dense mats and is complemented by rich blue flowers in May. This versatile groundcover works well in mixed containers, hanging baskets, over walls, etc. Great to contrast with our top selling black leaved Heuchera 'Obsidian'. Foliage goes chartreuse in partial shade, which is still very nice! Z 3-9 ˜  ® D 3/18/8 Veronica ASPIRE ™ ('TNVERA') PP26416 EU44340 Veronica ASPIRE ™ is not just another pink Veronica! ASPIRE ™ sets itself apart with rich, saturated, deep rose flowers on a compact, long-lasting spike. Flowers and foliage have extra substance due to its breeding. The compact and upright habit of ASPIRE ™ makes it very usable in any sunny planting situation. Perk up any container of bed border with this bright spot in a crowded field of Veronica. Healthy, easy to grow and gorgeous! Z 4-8 ˜ ® D 6/12/11 VERONICA ASPIRE ™ ˜ = Full Sun  = Partial Shade š = Shade x/x/x = Foliage Ht./Foliage Spread/Flowering Ht. in inches R = Fragrant - = Cut Flower ® = Butterfly y = Hummingbird i = House Plant D = Deer Resistant J = Drought Tolerant f = Winter Color 151