TERRA NOVA® Nurseries, Inc. 2017/2018 Catalog - Page 152

VERBASCUM 'DARK EYES' - GARDEN VERBASCUM 'PLUM SMOKEY' VERBASCUM 'HONEY DIJON' VERBASCUM 'LAVENDER LASS' Verbascum 'Dark Eyes' PP16986 EU19206 'Dark Eyes' has an very short habit with large felted gray leaves in a rosette and cone shaped spikes of large, creamy yellow flowers with large maroon centers. Wonderful in front of a sunny border! Z 5-9 ˜ D J 8/10/12 Verbascum 'Gold Nugget' PP18311 'Gold Nugget' forms a rosette of soft silvery leaves with central stems and large gold flowers. It has larger flowers and leaves than Jackie on a nice compact plant making this one a winner. Z 5-9 ˜ D J 8/14/18 VERBASCUM 'SUGAR PLUM' Verbascum 'Honey Dijon' PP17170 This is a sweet compact plant with a flower that displays shades of peach and gold with a plum eye. Did we say there are masses of these flowers? It's quite wonderful. Z 5-9 ˜ D J 8/14/18 Verbascum 'Lavender Lass' PP16658 This 'Lass' has masses of large flowers that bloom in lavender and plum on a compact plant with velvety ruffled foliage! She's very sweet! Z 5-9 ˜ D J 8/14/23 Verbascum 'Plum Smokey' PP16156 EU17454 Like a bouquet picked for you. Rosettes carrying a multitude of 16" flowering stems above the foliage with numerous, large, smoky-purple flowers. Blooms for months in full sun with good drainage. Z 5-9 ˜ D J 8/12/16 150 VERBASCUM 'GOLD NUGGET' Verbascum 'Sugar Plum' PP16224 EU17455 This crowd-pleaser carries large, clear plum flowers on numerous spikes, like a bouquet over the ring of foliage. This dwarf reblooms for months in full sun with good drainage. Z 5-9 ˜ D J 8/12/18