TERRA NOVA® Nurseries, Inc. 2017/2018 Catalog - Page 151

Back by Popular Demand TRICYRTIS 'MOONLIGHT TREASURE' Tolmiea menziesii 'Cool Gold' PP15948 (Golden Piggy Back Plant) With foliage of soft, cool, clear gold, 'Cool Gold' is a big improvement over previous clones. No splotching or reversions! It retains its color throughout the season. It's fast growing and makes a wonderful bright spot in the shade garden. Z 6-9  š D f 12/14/18 Tricyrtis formosana 'Gilty Pleasure' PP13688 Tricyrtis 'Gilty Pleasure' has gold foliage throughout the season and a regal bearing. It's a stoloniferous perennial with orchid-like blooms of pink spotted lavender flowers like the species. A really amazing plant! So nice to have flowers at the end of summer! Z 5-9  š 24/18/24 Tricyrtis 'Moonlight Treasure' PP16037 'Moonlight Treasure' is a lovely broadleaf, low growing clumper with large soft yellow flowers up facing from the leaf axils. This plant has thick leaves which are not easily damaged like many Tricyrtis. Z 4-9  š 8/10/10 TRICYRTIS 'GILTY PLEASURE' Great Pot Plant for Valentine's Day! Viola 'Heartthrob' PP19996 The lovely heart-shaped leaves have deep burgundy centers that contrast with the bright green leaf edges. A wonderful foliage plant that is attractive in containers, the front of the border, or as a groundcover. Z 5-9  š D 8/12/7 Great House Plant TOLMEIA 'COOL GOLD' VIOLA 'HEARTTHROB' ˜ = Full Sun  = Partial Shade š = Shade x/x/x = Foliage Ht./Foliage Spread/Flowering Ht. in inches R = Fragrant - = Cut Flower ® = Butterfly y = Hummingbird i = House Plant D = Deer Resistant J = Drought Tolerant f = Winter Color 149